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Chuiya, still a child but a widow at the same time sentenced to live in an “ashram” by religious bindings, unaware of what is going on around with her innocent mind and her love and care-seeking heart…

Kalyani, sharing the same fate, feels sympathy with Chuiya. Although she takes shelter under an “ahsram” to go on her living under protection, she is forced to sell her body. Meanwhile, being a widow, although strictly forbidden, she can’t help falling in love…

Narayan, adopting a newly born philosopy, followed by many through the leadership of Indra Gandhi, has a different approach to life, and is quite criticized by his close cicrle due to his disobedience to the traditions and his wish to make a widow her wife…

An unfortunate story of two lovers struggling to love independently under the roof of another struggle of a nation to live independently…Hidden truths, hypocrisy, belief in superstitions, using people for benefit and ignorance…Some pseudo-facts like a sharp slap…some sincere confessions like a soft touch…

Decorated with the enchanting music of A.R. Rahman, both the topic-line and the cast (Lisa Ray, John Abraham, Seema Biswas, Sarala Kariyawasam), it urges you to take a step further towards an enlightened world…All in all, a striking movie deserving a five star!

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slumdogmillionaire_bestpicturei knewww itttttt….i knewwww itttttttttttttttt that this movie would rock the scenes and get the awards…yay!!!!

Today when i went to office my colleagues congratulated me saying that “your relatives got the award” as they consider me Indian rather than Turkish:P Now the DVD of the movie is being circulated in the whole office…Even the ones approaching hindi films with some kind of prejudice are asking from me to borrow it:D Ahhh it seems Turkish streets will be full of “Rahuls”, “Rajs”, “Simrans” or “Anjalis”  soon if i am to lend every favourite movie of mine:P

Oh by the way, i should say a few words about Rahman…well in fact what to say! What he creates is just awesome!

Apart from Slumdog Millionaire, Kate Winslet was my favourite with the movie The Reader and seems my wishes came true one by one when the topic is Oscar. I hope this “wish-realization” process can maintain its magic in other fields as well:)

And the oscar goes to ME, of course, as i was too successful at my guesses:P

P.S.: For the ones who want to read my reviews of Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader, please check here.

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