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ghost-whisperer-spirit-guideWell i can hear some of you asking no movie review this week? And the reply is unfortunately NO. Because there has been some other item keeping me busy the whole week hence kept me away from watching any movie as well. This item is a quite popular t.v. serial GHOST WHISPERER! It starts with a monologue by Melinda Gordon, the heroine. She says she has just married, just moved into a small town and  just opened an antique shop. By this classical story of hers, her life looks quite familiar to ours in many ways; however there is this important characteristics of hers which distinguish her from us, which is a gift she owns. She can see and talk to the dead. And she can even help the earth-bound sprits to cross over through a light. She finishes her words saying “in order to tell you my story, i have to tell you theirs”.

Does it sound a little creepy? Yea that was i had thought even. But after a few episodes, i got used to her and even to them. I started to looking forward to hearing their interesting, emotional and at the same time scary stories. And now i became totally addicted to hear more about the other side! Well considering the pure beauty of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her handsome husband Jim (David Conrad), it becomes easier to be an addict 🙂

Would you like to have a look at it? Well here is the first episode of the first season….if you are not introduced to it yet, see and tell me what you think!


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