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I closed my eyes; you were with me,

I touched your face

With my fingertips,

Trying to feel every squire of yours.

I smelled you breathing deep and deep,

I kept looking at you at the same time

For hours, for days, for years,

Even for centuries…

You kept smiling at me,

Meanwhile I held your hand tightly

The fear of losing you had triumphed again

You just kept smiling at me;

Warm and familiar.

I closed my eyes; you were with me,

I did not want to open them

But you had disappeared already!



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Waking up in the middle of the night

Thinking you might miss me just as I do…


Meeting you in the way I wish for

And seeing you are not for what I am here for…


Talking for a while trying to see what I sense is wrong

And unfortunately your proving me right…


Feeling guilty for what I have had with you till now

Without letting you know what is stirring inside…


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Take shelter under my wings,

which can only fly with the power of my love…


Hide your soul under my shade,

which can only be visible in my burning passion…


Bury your body under my smell,

which can only be felt at the peak of my emotions…


Let your screams mix with my tears,

which can only flow out at an endless pleasure time…


Hear my whispers in your ear softly:

“Be with me,

Let me be your truth”…

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It has been a long time since I last saw you

I was crying then and you were worried

You just murmured “dont know what to say”

And i replied “i know as i love you”


Your eyes already said no to me

And your body had turned its back suddenly

You were ready to go forever

And i was ready to die


I still hear your steps on the stairs

I still remember how hard it was to stay behind the door

I still see your face looking back at me over your shoulder

And i still love you!



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