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I’m walking…

I’m walking…

Far away on a deserted road,

With bare foot feeling the thorns on the way.


I’m walking…

Far away on a painful journey,

With wet eyes shedding tears all the way along.


I’m walking…

Far away on a deadly heartbreak,

With a lonely soul suffering alive.


I’m walking…

Away from YOU.

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If you can’t be a shining sun-ray

sparkling on me,

At least be a grey rain cloud

and let your drops fall over me,

Shower my heart,

Refresh my spring…

Even if i can’t feel the heat of your love,

At least i can chill within your cold arms!

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When I met you it was a hazy day

Being so far, you were impossible, people were to say,

On this grievous experience of love

I was ready though no matter what I had to pay.


Opening your warm arms with a soft smile on your face,

I was totally lost in this precious embrace,

Feeling safe hearing the music of your heart

I was reluctant to believe that love was just a race.


I walked in darkness for so long with blinded eye,

In every step I thought I overcame the mile

After discovering what you gave me was just fake,

I was left with a heart that didn’t know how to survive.


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Over Rainbow



Walking on the rainbow

Pacing the colors

Last drop of rain

Absorbed under the bare foot…

Feeling fresh like a new born baby

With a blank mind

to be filled unfortunately…

Following your steps

which are about to disappear

End of the road

Black is more black now

And i don’t know any other color…

Smelling the air

Your smell carried by wind

Passing by me

To some far-away countries…

Clouds surrounding me

You are out of sight


No color, no smell

No rain, no rainbow…

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Ek Kahani…

Behind a slammed door on my face,

With a wounded heart you still chase,

On the edge of a road with a fear of loss,

Every broken love, every faded moment base…


You are in every pray of mine to reach,

and felt in every breath of sigh to beseech,

Within a silence of hope, turmoil of pain,

You are a lesson in every experience God teaches…



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Where Are You?


Stars around…

I am waiting for the moon (you) to appear…


I am surrounded by clouds…

I am waiting for the sun (you) to shine on me…


Everywhere is full of chilling snow…

I am waiting for your warm hands to find me….


Flowers are everywhere….

I am waiting for your love to blossom in my heart….

And where are you?



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I am in love with a voice


And Unique…

Takes the shape of every whisper I hear

Felt in every breath I feel

Always tells me about love

How desirous it has been

Each time it embraces me

How much lust it has shown

All the way it touches me

A voice curing all my wounds

Removing all the pain i have

Cheering up my soul

and so echoing in my mind

A voice…

How much I run after

How rare I come across

Never been mine

Always with me but never been mine

Still I am in love…

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