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DSC01797The office was too busy today (which has been the case most of the time)…Everyone was working like hard-working bees (including me) as if trying to make the most delicious honey or like ants as if getting prepared for winter in hurry…No matter how much work we did till noon, everyone was thinking of the lunch which would be a gathering of our department at a sea-side restaurant across the Bosphorus.

Everyone was so chic like a princess (including me) wearing her best dress to look gorgeous in the ball.

As soon as the the clocks of PCs showed the noon with their silent alarms, we DSC01817rushed to cars to get on the way as soon as possible. When we reached there, it was really worth it. The view of the Bosphorus was just breath-taking. I took a few photos to share with you but they don’t reflect its real beauty in fact. Still you can have an idea at least. On such days, when i am face to face with the inner beauty of İstanbul, i can’t help thinking that it is like a living city with a soul observing all the people taking shelter under its roof…

After getting seated and served with so many delicious dishes, the delight surrounding our minds and hearts just doubled. After eating up everything to the end, filling our noses with the smell of sea, listening to the music giving  some mystical athmosphere to the environment, drinking our Turkish coffee to keep the last unforgettable taste on our tongues, the most difficult thing was to be able to go back to office to finish the incomplete tasks. But we achieved to return with smiling faces and worked happily ever after 🙂

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Little Pickle!

Dinner time around 7 pm…i am trying to set the table patiently after a tiring day at office (as usual)…Plates, forks, spoons, bread, deliciously-cooked dishes (of course by me)…everything is ready now…although i don’t like much, i am feeling like eating some pickle… i opened the fridge to get the pickle jar….opened its lid and chose one among many…and i got shocked!!!

The one i selected and separated from his friends looked so sad to me…i thought i should send him back to the jar but then i have to choose another one…so what is the difference…i carried on and put him onto a plate…he looked more sad this time like ready to cry…i decided that i can’t eat it 😦

i called my husband and showed the little pickle to him…he just laughed and said “Don’t worry, he will feel fine in my stomach”…still i wasn’t comfortable considering little pickle’s down looks…then he took place on the table and i tried not to look at him during the dinner time…and when my eyes searched for him the next time, he was already gone 😮

Little pickle….rest in peace…

Oh by the way i kept a small memory of him…now it is up to you to decide how would you react after seeing such a cute and sad pickle coming out of a jar!


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I do not know how many times i promised myself to eat healthy food only leaving the fast food and acidic drinks aside. Today it was one of those days. When i woke up i had a light breakfast and for dinner i cooked only vegetables. During lunch time i was so hungry that i was stuck between eating pizza+coke and having just some light snack. At last i decided to invent my own light food which is composed of yoghurt, wheat, cornflakes, dry fruits and walnut. It was quite delicious as well as being nutritive 😀


Doesn’t it seem quite appetizing? Apart from being delightful, it also made me overcome my desire for a huge extravaganza pizza. I do not know for how many days i can maintain without any fast food, coke or some heavy dessert but considering the summer is at the door, i should think of myself much more now, right? 😆

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Being fond of reading, i always have tendency to get more and more books although i have less and less time especially lately. Every night i pick up a book to be read in bed just before sleeping but i always stay behind my target page as the desire to sleep always overcomes!

Meanwhile i found out another tendency of mine, which is to keep bookmarks in various size, shape and design among the pages. I am not one of those readers who can mark the page even with a piece of simple paper or a pen. I always look for a new and an interesting one!  After discovering this “hobby” of mine, friends also started to find quite distinct bookmarks for me. Here is the one gifted last week to me by one of my colleagues which was purchased from Japan.


It is made of golden yellow metal which has a Japanese house figure seen among some tree branches which you can see in the below photo more clearly…


I just loved it. Let me thank my friend here 🙂 And please do not hesitate to share with me the bookmarks you find interesting!

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Last night i was so tired that i fall asleep around 10:30 pm as soon as i got back from the cinema (Hubby and me went to see “The Horsemen” which was not a perfect but an average movie).

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i did was to check the weather and as a matter of chance it was sunny after so many snowy and rainy chain of days. Hence i thought i should not waste this lovely day and planned a visit to my University Campus (Boğaziçi University).


It is located just beside the sea (bosphorus) and full of green fields away from the noisy routine of the city.


So after informing hubby about my plan, we were ready to go in 10 minutes. Taking two busses we were there just in 35 minutes. First we had a breakfast at our favourite cafe during our study years and talked about the past for a while (which made me feel a bit old lol). Then we followed the path going through the campus getting something to read while taking both a body and a mind rest across the sea.


There were too many cats and dogs around as usual, some were sleeping under the sun and the others were running after food as usual:)


Although the weather was a bit windy, it did not stop us from having some sunshine, and the environment had a spring view with all those blossoming trees and colorful flowers.


As i forgat my camera at home, i took all those photos with the camera of my cell phone. Still they do not look so bad, right?

All in all it was a lovely day which i had been missing all throughout those snowy and freezing days. It was like a messenger rendering that the spring was quite near. So as i am quite fed up with winter, my hopes for better days just refreshed:)

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At lasttttt at lastttt the letter which was sent for my birthday from New Delhi has just reached me today after almost 13 days!!! I was so looking forward to it because each letter sent by my friends from India has the traces of Shah Rukh Khan in a way or another 😀

Apart from wishing me for my belated birthday and placing some hindi sentences in between the lines together with their English counterparts as in the way i find it practical (:P), the letter was talking about King Khan as i guessed it….the parts with SRK were a bit tricky though 😀

Well i take this opportunity to thank New Delhi for the kind wishes sent to me, for the long letter written without feeling any boredom and for K-k-k-i-i-i-i-r-r-a-a-n-n saga included in it:)


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Season of Dead Umbrellas…

I woke up early in the morning and hearing the sound of rain hitting on my window i went back to sleep eagerly just hugging my blanket more and more. Then i woke up at noon, yea lazy lamhe….But this time i got out of bed and got dressed to go out for breakfast…

I opened the curtains to see the weather was still rainy and cold. I don’t like umbrellas for no reason, i just don’t feel like carrying them. So again instead of an umbrella i took my cap with me.

The weird thing was that all through the way till the bus stop, i saw at least 10 broken umbrellas left on the roadsides. The wind must have been so strong last night so that so many weak umbrellas lost the game against it.

See the photo below i took this morning. I still don’t like umbrellas but i felt sorry for them after seeing them like that…This winter became the season of dead umbrellas rather than a snowman!


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