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Choodi ki chhan chhan mein voh hai
Kangan ki khan khan mein voh hai

Can you think of any woman who is able not to lose herself in the charm of acessories?! Earrings…necklaces…bracelets…bangles… payels…bindiyas… rings, etc…I’m also one of them, feeling relief in the shiny world of these eye-candy materials. But the thing is i am more of a collector. I love buying them, keeping them in boxes or drawers, categorizing them according to their types, but not wearing them. Of course, as most of the women do, i have some regular ones that i wear daily, or some others that i wear on special occasions, however most of them (in fact hundreds of them) just take rest in my drawers waiting in line for the day to be worn…And today i decided to open the doors of my treasure for the world, and we will start our journey of beads and metals with my bangles/bracelets, which don’t have any value in money yet invaluable for me as each one of them reminds me of some moments, some friends or some family members, and so i consider them as the witnesses of  time!


These are only the small part of it and i will surely continue sharing the rest with you ladies 😛

By the way, which one is your favourite? What do you wear mostly? With which do you feel more comfortable? or What is the most precious item in your treaure box? Please enlighten me 😀

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