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A small room with a window, a table with a chair, a bed, a lamb, some papers, some photographs…This is the place where an old man, with a blank mind except a few memories, is kept…

It starts with a simple, plain story about this old man. Then other characters come on the scene and the story gets accelarated. It sounds like a story within the story. Each and every character is somehow connected with one another, the old man being the key point…

An unknown story, an open end to be shaped by the reader… Abundant details, all to be used at some place sooner or later in the book…. Quite random, usual, even routine, still next page calls for the reader…

Reading some other works by Paul Auster, I would rate this one as 3/5 since it doesn’t create enough curiousity for the reader…

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 Do you believe in coincidences? Well i do…at least I started to do after reading this short but rich-in-content book!

The Red Notebook consists of 4 sections which are 1)The Red Notebook 2)Why Write? 3)Accident Report 4) It Don’t Mean a Thing and all telling about the coincidences in life which are frequently ignored or not paid attention by most of us. The content is based on facts, real events from the writer’s or his friends’s lives/experiences which are narrated by himself like a fictive short story captivating the reader.

The attracting part is the one where he explains simply yet strikingly how he became a writer, what the basic motive behind this decision…One night after a baseball game, he has a chance to get the autograph of his favourite baseball player, but unfortunately neither the player nor himself has a pen at the time. He keeps asking everyone around for a pen but he cannot find and fell into a helpless situation since his dream player is just in front of him but he cannot take even an autograph. The player says sorry and leaves the stadium leaving him behind helpless. Being a 8-year old kid with a devastated heart at the time, Auster cannot supress his tears and keeps crying all through the way home. Since that night he never goes out without carrying a pen in his pocket not to get caught unprepared again. He says he never plans to do anyhing with the pen he carries, but having a pen in your pocket, most probably one day you will feel like using it. That is how i became a writer he mentions.

In The Red Book, Paul Auster puts forward how the chain of coincidences plays an important role in our lives no matter we are aware of it or not and events are kind of connected to one another  even though we cannot realize it at the first glance.

I read the book in Turkish. I liked especially its simplicity. Simple, random, every-day events are narrated in such a way that keeps the reader captivated and appreciating till the end. So deserves a 5/5!

P.S.: In the bookstore I bought also a film magazine together with THE RED NOTEBOOK and soon i realized the giveaway of the magazine was a red notebook in which i already started to take notes:)

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music-of-chance1What would you give away to gain your freedom back?!

It is the story of a man, his stand to life, his approach to his family, his point of view about the happenings and his patience with the series of events that he is exposed to…

Nasha looks like a lonely man being left by his wife and leaving his only daughter to his sister to be taken care of. He works as a fireman till he finds out that he is inherited some fortune as a result of his father’s death, whom he has never known about. After this relatively lucky event (according to him), he spares some of the money for his daughter’s future and the rest for the feeling of freedom to be led by himself…

He quits his job soon afterwards and hits himself on the roads, new and strange and feeling his car as his home more and more day by day unchaining himself at the same time from a routine-based settled life cycle…

This is when he meets Pozzi and the really interesting part of the book takes a start. Although Pozzi looks just like a child to him by his appearance, he soon finds out that he is an assertive card player. At this point their roads (fates) intersect on the same ambition in order for Pozzi to earn more money and for Nasha to maintain lately gained freedom he has been drenched in so far…

After a card game they participiate (Pozzi as the player and Nasha as the investor), as they consume all the money at the end and as they still owe some amount, they are hired by the other rich players as the constructers (to construct a WALL), which constitutes the main part of the book. After this point Nasha loses his control over the events, the people, the environment, his life and himself…

This was the first book i read by Paul Auster and was not my own choice but the Book Club’s. It was a translation book (I read it in Turkish) and although subject matter is a bit different, I enjoyed the book.

So my rate is 4/5!

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As of today, i would like to share my favourite book covers with you…i have various reasons to be caught by a book cover and with each cover i want to mention my reason as well…here we go with the first book cover of the week…


Reason: First of all i love snow under any condition, secondly i cannot think of anyone who does not like such a romantic scene:P

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20021081Name: The Book of General Ignorance (Cahillikler Kitabı).

Writers: John Lloyd & John Mitchinson

Translators (into Turkish): Cihan Aslı Filiz & Emre Ergüven

Publisher: NTV publications.

Page: 278 pages

About: The things we do not know at all and the things about which we have the wrong information.

My view: First of all i read the book in Turkish. It is organized in question-answer way. It can be considered as an interesting reference book, but frankly it is not a good read as a total. My reason to read it was its being selected by the Book Club. May be it was not my type of book at all as I am more into romance or thrillers so this one was quite a plain read and dull for me. However, if you are a curious-born soul about anything, then i believe this is the book you are looking for so long!

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twilight_book_coverAfter such a long time, i finished a 400-page book in just one and half day…i had the taste of reading once more without even breathing, forgetting myself totally…And that is all due to this book or the main character of the book Edward Cullen🙂

The book is the first one of the Twilight series which is followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn all by Stephenie Meyer.

I read “Twilight” in Turkish which is translated as “Alacakaranlık“. As soon as i turned just a few pages i realized it would be hard to put the book down, it was in the middle of the night like 2 am and i was still reading sometimes smiling and sometimes frowning…

Bella, a 17 year-old teenage, comes to Forks to live with his father leaving behind her re-married mother just to give her some space with her husband. Although Bella never likes Forks in all his life due to rain and cold weather, she thinks she can endure that. Her first day at school is spent in a quite bad and weird way. He meets a guy, Edward Cullen, who seems to be the only one to hate her. He looks very beautiful, dashing and cool with his grey-like skin, deep honey color eyes, well-built body and his charming smell. She thinks it is hard to resist him. But Edward never speaks to her, on the contrary he runs away from her…

In the coming days, Edward saves her life in an acident by showing supernatural powers but noone realizes this situation except Bella. Then one day unexpectedly he starts to talk to her…They seems to enter a complicated friendship followed by a love relation which is hard to manage when it is discovered that Edward is a Vampire.

Then comes the killing sentence in the book…”so the lion fell in love with the lamb”…and this expresses everything, doesn’t it?

In the book some facts are released about the vampires which are not in line with the generally known truths/speculations  like they do not turn into ash under the sun, on the contrary they look so shiny and beautiful like a diamond and that is why they take shelter when the sun is out. They do not have any coffin, skeleton, web, etc at their home, rather they have quite organized and relivingly spacious rooms. And surprisingly they are not afraid of the cross…

The character who impressed me the most in this book is Edward Cullen for sure not only because of his attractive physical outlook but also for his being protective, bossy and even jelous toward the girl he is in love…I even don’t mention that one of the reasons is his being a vampire:P

After finishing the book, i really regret thinking that i should have not read it so fast as i want it to last for a little longer…so now i am just impatient to get the other books of the same series as i want to know whether the lion will eat the lamb or he will take her to the forest to make her a lion as well:)

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“Bollywood films are ‘feel-good’ films which are conerned with how to be happy and to lead a good life. Our cinema productions have a fixed structure: they are at least three hours or more -and thus longer than ‘Titanic’. As a rule they have six song-and-dance number, and deal with subjects with focus on societal values, and most of all the family.”

…says Shah Rukh Khan in the book i would like to introduce you today; his sentences expresses the reason why i see so many bollywood movies as well, (bilkul)  to spend happy and easy hours, to feel many basic emotions which are almost invisible now in reality but surviving in dreams and movies only!


As the above excerpt suggests, the book is about Bombay (or Mumbai) Film Industry. The title of the book is Bollywood – The Passion of Indian Film and Music. Indeed it is like an encyclopedia with its huge dimensions and colorful, eye-catching photos inside. It is also one of the ear-books, which means you can find 4 different music CDs inside the front cover representing the different categories of indian music namely bollydance, bollypop, bollyrock, bollyjazz so that you can hear the most famous singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Kishore Kumar, Atif Aslam, Udit Narayan, Asla Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi, etc.

What else can you find out in this book? Lets check the titles…Dream Factory From the Far East, Theatre of Dreams, Cinema is a Religion, Traditional Artwork, Real Emotions, Jobs in the Dream Factory, Glamour on the Red Carpet. Under such basic titles you can see precise but expressive details together with exclusive photos of leading Bollywood Actors and Actresses such as Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Shaeed Kapoor…

Shortly the book is opening the doors of wonderland, and all you have to do is just to climb the glamorous steps of the dreams:)

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