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Traffic Jam!


These days it is so hard to wander around at my very own home. It is such a handicapped task to go from one room to the other. And the only reason for this is the traffic jam!

Yes, you heard it all true. Recently, especially in our sitting room, such a weird traffic jam prevails. Beside simple cars in different color and size, huge trucks are quite dangerous. I am not even talking about bikes. So it is just a matter of time to get crushed at your feet or legs by one of them (proven by experience!).

And the responsible persons for this trouble (not the governmental officials  but my twin boys) has made no formal comment except yelling at each other when they get stuck on the same path.

If you plan to visit us in near future, let me warn you, they don’t have a driving licence yet 🙂

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Baby Who Likes Hindi Music!

Babies like lullaby while falling asleep peacefully, right?? The soft rhythm makes it easy for them to close their eyes and reach the city of angels for sure…Nevertheless, despite the soothing energy of lullabies, one of my boys (Deniz) like louder and more dynamic music, which is not in his mother tongue either. When he starts crying, we make him listen to some energetic hindi (most of the time bollywood) songs hopping n hipping him in my arms at the same time. He just loves these bouncing moves. When the right time comes, he puts his head on my shoulder, close his eyes slowly and starts to snore 😛

I had listened to lots n lots of Bollywood songs during my pregnancy, so sometimes i think that somehow i influenced my baby’s music taste 🙂

Here is my son’s favourite song “Band Kamre Mein” from the movie “Kuch Khatti Kuch Meetthi”. The video is not that amusing, the song is nice tough; at least it saves my life when i need to make a naughty boy fall asleep 😛

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