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Last night i was so bored without knowing what to do…while trying to pick up a movie my eyes got stuck on “Twilight” once again…i told myself  “come on man you watched it earlier, you know each and every scene already, what can you find in it except Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) :lol:” However this time i found someone else: James (Cam Giganget)!

I have been on the good (Edward’s) side until the time i am attracted by the voice of the evil (James). James is a harsh-type vampire with a wild and dangereous appearance. He is portrayed as a tracker vampire without any mercy killing people even for fun! He is lack of the soft look, calm attitude and deep patience that Edward has. In this sense, he is the opposite of Edward.

Ehhh! Until coming across James, i did not know even the evil has a kind of power to attract things/persons 😛


Edward Cullen


James The Tracker

Well knowing both their personalities and checking how they look like above, which would you choose? I would vote for the evil one this time but i can’t ensure a stabile/constant preference as my mood  can easily influence my preferences 😀

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Since i watched the movie aashiqui, i have been a big fan of Rahul Roy, and again since then i have been searching on net about his life, his career, his films, his photos, his videos, etc. Being out of India, it seems it is almost impossible for me to reach his movies, especially the old ones…And net search results are not so brilliant as well…

However what i got from Wikipedia is that,

Rahul Roy (born February 9, 1968) is an Indian film actor, who works in Bollywood films. He debuted in the hit Mahesh Bhatt production Aashiqui (1990) for which he is famous for. His popularity increased with the 1992 film Sapne Saajan Ke, in which he was helped by having the music of Nadeem Shravan, with Kumar Sanu’s vocals, that he picturised. His most famous hits include “Tu Meri Zindagi Hai” and “Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum” and “Jaane Jigar Jaan-e-Man”. He was also one of the first Hindi film actors who fashioned the long hair mane. Subsequent to his first movie’s resounding success, star wannabes rushed to the salons asking for a “Rahul Roy” haircut. He won the game show Bigg Boss by public vote. Bigg Boss was the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother, currently being produced by Endemol India for Sony Entertainment Television.


Rahul began his acting career in the 1990 film Aashiqui, a Mahesh Bhatt production as the lead actor with newcomer Anu Agarwal. The film was a hit and made him a popular actor and was the reason, he is known for. He was one of the first ever Hindi film actors who fashioned the long hair. After his resounding success in Aashiqui, he worked in another romantic hit, Sapne Saajan Ke (1992) with Karisma Kapoor. He worked in several romantic films throughout early 1990s, but the movies did not do well. In late 1990s, he appeared in movies as a supporting actor in hit movies because his films as a lead actor flopped.

After his film Aashiq (2001), Roy didn’t act in films for several years. He returned to acting after four years in Meri Aashiqui (2005), in which he was the lead actor. His most recent film was the comedy film, Naughty Boy (2006). He also appeared on television program Bigg Boss, Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. He won the game show by public votes on January 26, 2007.


Well, although the luck, fate, life or whatever it is, did not smile at him pretty much, at least he still have strong fans like me :p I wish he could produce much more movies during 90s…Below is the video of one of the famous song “tu meri zindagi hai” (You are my life) from the movie Aashiqui…Before finishing my post, let me put a note here: If you know any site or any way to see his movies, please do contact me 🙂

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After completing the first 3 seasons of the TV serial LOST, i had given a long break before starting the season 4…then last night while thinking what to do lazily, it just came to my mind that the LOST people were still lost and i was the one to solve the mystery:) So once again i took a deep breath and made my sofa more comfortable before this thriller wrapped me for hours…

Needless to say i am a LOST fan, but it is necessary to mention that above all i am a huge fan of Sawyer (Josh Holloway)…He has a stubborn, naughty and even irritating personlity but deep inside he has such soft heart and above all he is dashingly handsome!!! People either love him or hate him…no gray areas for him….

If you want to have thrilling time with a group of lost people on a mysterious island struggling to survive and meanwhile (as a bonus) if you want an eye-candy (which is Sawyer :D), then get ready to be a member of the LOST world!!! 


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Well, you will be disappointed if you are looking for any lyrics or any video under this post…This is just to mention how impatient i am about the new movie of Shahrukh Khan…Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!!!

Thanx to my  friends Rishi and Sree, i m already introduced to the soundtrack, movie fotos and the trailer of the movie…and i already decided about my favourite song from the movie, which is (hint hint *check the title* hhehe) Haule Haule….I feel so good, hyper and positive while listening to this song although i dont get even a word in it. I just feel the softness of the rhytem and the warm voice of the singer, the rest i create/imagine in my mind! lol


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Takeshi Kaneshiro born October 11, 1973, is a famous Asian actor of mixed heritage – his father is from Okinawa and his mother is from Taiwan says the Wikipedia.

After bolywood, a new passion in me arisen lately which is watching Japanese, Chinese or Korean movies with lots of fight/war scenes, striking use of swords, flying warriors, delicate princesses and deep love stories between the lines…

It was again one of these movies that paved the way for me to meet this hero. He is a brave warrior, he is a passionate lover, he is a decent personality, he is a strong commander,  and above all he can fly 🙂


Well till now what i observed is that he is a great actor!

Among his movies i saw:

The Battle of Red Cliff (2008)

The Warlords (2007)

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

Hero – The Legend (1997)

Do you want to get a new hero in your life?? Then why not him?! 🙂

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The Name of Being Perfect!

 Ahem ahem…

What do you say about this perfect look??!!

Cool haina?!

i wll keep my thoughts about SRK for another post (as it wll take a few pages lol), this one s just to share this pic as he looks really nice…

After all he is the inpiration for my blog title so i should insert a few of him here and there…scattered pieces will be summoned up soon!

Ok i dont wana sound like teenage gal here telling about a love for an actor…lol…I just love his acting and his philosophy of life! Samja?! LOL

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I just found out a video yesterday while making some searches about bollywood as usual… Tasveer Tere Dil Mein from the movie Maya (1961)…The song was sung by Lata and Rafi, my ever lasting favourite duet couple, however the striking thing for me was the actor and the actress who were making a playback of the song…The actor’s (Dev Anand) glance at the girl whom he loves, his romantic gestures trying to steal his lover’s heart, his warm and soft attitude were just awesome…The actress (Mala Sinha) was also calm, mild and was in love as well…

Well As I dnt know hindi or urdu I didnt get any idea wht the song was telling about but what i read in their eyes was real “love” …

For the ones who wana see the video, plz click the below link…



Mala Sinha

Dev Anand

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