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Choti is back (though temporarily) like a bat…yet staying awake both day and night…Days are like delicate butterflies which just runs away even before touching its wing and nights are like owls which wait patiently for the sun to greet the earth…Got a clue how i have been?? Of course as busy as ever, tired yet happy….Houseworks, home-office, my naughtyyyy twins, tiny tiny leisure time activities make up a day of mine.

As for my hobbies…lately i watched Black Swan which is a breath-taking movie and V for Vandetta which is an old yet awesome one both by Natalie Portman. Meanwhile i keep reading books among which i finished Yirminci Yüzyılda Paris (that is originally in French) by Jules Verne, Fatih-Harbiye by Peyami Safa, Gülünesi Aşklar by Milan Kundera, İstanbul (Hatıralar ve Şehir) by Orhan Pamuk.

Now it is 11.55 pm and i am lost among the translation projects…soon one of my boys will start to yell to request his night food and the other cutie will follow him on deep cries…afterwards a peaceful night sleep will take all of us into its arms, the lenght of which depends on my sweetos’ hunger 😀

This is all for now… a short ‘hey, i am still alive’ post from Choti 🙂

Do take care and stay in tune…


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