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The people around me all know that i am /used to be a coke addict. I even used to have my breakfast in company with coke instead of awakening coffee or tea or a refreshing fruit juice although i knew/know how unhealty it is/was. However, recently bad habit of mine had to change into a good one, that is to say, i had to quit coke (as i need to be careful about what i eat and drink due to breast-feeding) and started to drink lemonade instead.

Hence our new kitchen motto is “No coke ever again!”

Was it difficult for me?

Yes, i found it very difficult as if i was trying to quit smoking (thanks to God, i dont smoke!) YET each time i  pour the yellow chilling lemonade into a glass, i feel proudly that i am a mother 🙂

It was surprising for me that just a simple decision of what to drink to refresh myself during the hot summer of Turkey has shown me that motherhood just depends on priority and sacrifice, and that one’s child is always on the top of priority list!

As a side-note, in this way i started to care for my own health as well…like killing two birds with one stone, isnt it?? 😀

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