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Hello everybody! For your information, this entry is wholly reserved for my awards which have been waiting for me for a long time to be taken up! i am honoured by one of my blog friends (thanks Sree) to share these awards with you 🙂

Our first award is Star Award. We are all stars on our pages, aren’t we?? 😀

And the best thing is you have no condition/requirement to receieve it except passing it to your own blogroll. Here i am not going to mention specific names in my blogroll. Just anyone to comment here can simply feel like a star hence deserving the award itself 🙂

As for the second one, it is “Happy Award”. I liked this one a lot as i always thought blogging is in a way is to make yourself and the others happy by your thoughts and by rendering your thoughts (i am ignoring the negative blogging style here).

Here is the conditions for this one:

– Link the person who awarded you.

– List 10 things making you happy.

– Pass this award to 10 happy bloggers.

– And lastly notify these bloggers about the award waiting for them.

Ok..now i will violate some of the rules, as i don’t have a long list of blogs in my blogroll and i am in touch with only some of them on a regular basis, hence it is tough for me to pick and inform 10 happy bloggers. But hey i think you are all happy out there, aren’t you?? Then don’t wait, pick it up! 😀

Let me be fair enough at least to list 10 things making me happy:

  1. Simply watching bollywood!
  2. To find out that the food is ready and the table is all set when i come home after office (that is usually a dream) since i am the earliest person reaching home).
  3. When i get new books to decorate my bookshelves.
  4. A surprise gift given to me out of blue.
  5. Long mails/letters received from far-away friends.
  6. Non-interrupted sleep in the middle of the week.
  7. When i am able to finish more than one book within a month (since i am lack of time lately).
  8. When i have the chance to leave the office earlier than usual time.
  9. When i get new clothes and cosmetics (i am a girl too and that’s natural, isn’t it?).
  10. When i eat my favourite dishes cooked by my mom!

The list is too long with tiny miny things making me happy but i have to stop here…Enjoy the awards…


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