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I have never been so away from my blog (i.e. my diary) except the summer vacations and even on return i would always have a lot to share but now i am all blank. At least let me give you the reason of my diappearance for so much time: WORK. Being invited to participate in several business meetings here and there for the last couple of weeks, and at the same time trying to cope with new projects within limited time, i really felt knocked down, hence my bed have been my best friend rather than my computer lately!

I still blame myself for spending my days and nights without writing even a single note or news here, yet when i consider my days spent in rush, i reminded myself that “i have only 24 hours per day!”.

In the meantime, i still managed to see a few movies such as Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (which was a really awful bad movie, Dulha Mil Gaya (it was chick-flick yet it was decorated with the esteemed appearance of SRK), Kurbaan (it was a really good one which kept me under effect for days and soundtrack was also nice to hear, especially Shukran Allah), and lastly i watched Slumdog Millionaire for the second time (with an utmost delight again).

That is all for the being. The busy girl will try to be back in blogsphere with more news hopefully soon…till then take care! 😀

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