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A simple question yet hard to reply…quite a long day and it hasn’t ended yet, which is full of meetings, hundreds of pages to be signed, pages of agendas to be followed, mails mails and mails to be read…At this step Choti Writer wants to reply as “i am reading a nice book by the window listening to drizzle and sipping from my hot chocolate”….or “i am lying down on my favourite sofa, watching a romantic comedy forgetting all about the serious issues of the world and eating a huge bowl of pop-corns dropping them here and there…laziness to the end!”


Unfortunately these are nothing but my sincere daydreams or goals of coming weekend to be realized if i am lucky to spare some time…

So the question is still unanswered…what is Choti Writer doing?

It is 4.40 pm, i am still at the office just giving a break to fight with the warrior of sleep hence having difficulty keeping my eyes open and having my distracted attention to focus back on its way! Right now Choti Writer is too tired for the day hence looking for an escape…

Was it a bit demoralizing? Well, considering that the night hopefully will be a better time to spend totally for myself, therefore giving me a blink of hope, i can say i am feeling better 😀

Okkkk..it is your turn now! What are you doing right now?

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