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With the start of  a new year, i decided to make some changes in the stream of the movies i watch weekly and aimed to give more chance to Turkish movies; hence i spared the first days of 2010 for “Aşk Tutulması” and “O da Beni Seviyor“.

Aşk Tutulması (Infatuation) is a love story as proved by the title. We are told about a relation which is initiated by coincidences yet sealed by the real love in the end.

It does not include any special feature or a remarkable scenario.

I didn’t feel bored during my watch still it was a chick flick movie that should be seen only when you have nothing better to do, so getting a 2/5 😀

O da Beni Seviyor (He Loves Me Too) is not a barely love story although it sounds so. It is more about human relations (bonds within a family, among relatives, friends, and between lovers). The movie was shot in Malatya (one of the cities in Turkey) so providing really nice views. It was a realistic movie as if reflecting a piece of every day life also representing some inner lives in a transparent way. I can say this one was better in terms of topic-line, cast, acting skills, etc so getting 3.5/5 🙂

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