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I am so happy to share the first award of this blog which has been recently distributed by Sree, my craziest blog friend 😀 Thanks a lot buddy 🙂 But before accepting this kind award there are certain rules i should follow…

The Rules are:

First you should write a post telling about the award itself, the name of the blog owner who considers you to be one deserving it, and his/her link. Then you should select minimum 7 blogs whom you think that he/she deserves this award too by the design or the content of his/her blog. So Mention 7 people leaving comment on their blog informing them about the award. Lastly list 10 honest things about you and you are done! 🙂

Here we go:

1-I concentrate on my work much better when i listen to Udit Narayan or Sonu Nigam (Does it sound weird?) 😀

2- I eat a chocolate bar every day at 3 pm in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee which keeps me alive during the rest of the day!

3- I have a notepad where i collect various quotes i read in books or notice here and there; i note them down together with the date of the day and then i like to read them like a real diary…

4- My friends use always nicks while talking to me instead of my real name such as panda, auntie-ji, beti, beta, choti, ISD, Hazzy, Tini Mini, etc. I am sure most of them already forgat my real name 😀

5- I am a FarmVille addict!

6- I love mailing and receiving mails from friends all over the world…hearing about different lives, knowing about different personalities makes me more and more curious about everything in this world and this curiosity keeps me happy most of the time 🙂 (Ok you can mail me too…i dnt mind 😛 )

7- I see nightmares almost every night and wake up by screaming and that is why i keep naming myself as Melinda Gordon 😛

8- I am as slow as a turtle at reading and i don’t know whether it is coz of the limited time spared for reading or of my lazy nature.

9- While working and when i am densely concentrated sometimes i murmer in Hindi and that makes my Turkish colleagues to look at me in fear 😀

10- I have no idea why but i have difficulty in remembering the Hindi counterpart of the word “Brain” in English. And even right now i am still not sure whether it is Bheja or something like that 😛

Phew….that was not easy! Now it is time to find the victims yet i will make a rule violation and will nominate only 3 people instead of 7. I have many blogs i strictly follow and find quite magnificant yet i don’t have a fluent communication with many of them hence will go for the ones i am often visited by. Hope Sree won’t scold me for the violation 😛

Best of luck 😀

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I’m walking…

I’m walking…

Far away on a deserted road,

With bare foot feeling the thorns on the way.


I’m walking…

Far away on a painful journey,

With wet eyes shedding tears all the way along.


I’m walking…

Far away on a deadly heartbreak,

With a lonely soul suffering alive.


I’m walking…

Away from YOU.

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imagesDear Diary…it has been quite much time again (i have no idea how many times i have repeated this also) since i last left a trace on your pages…however, there has been nothing that worths sharing with you. The past days were quite normal and routine like a vicious circle between the house and the office.

As a cheering point, i managed to spare some time to see a play at playhouse. The name of the play was Lozan, which is the name of one of the important agreements signed in the Turkish history. As already implied, the play was an historical one and unexpectedly it was not boring at all.

I haven’t been able to see a new movie this week but i have started to read a new book named “Evening Class (İtalyanca Aşk Başkadır)”…so far so good but unfortunately i am so slow (like a turtle) at reading these days because the winter already knocked our doors and before anyone else i (again) succeeded to catch cold so whenever i attempt to read a few pages, this results in nothing but falling asleep 😦

That’s all for now…


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ghost-whisperer-spirit-guideWell i can hear some of you asking no movie review this week? And the reply is unfortunately NO. Because there has been some other item keeping me busy the whole week hence kept me away from watching any movie as well. This item is a quite popular t.v. serial GHOST WHISPERER! It starts with a monologue by Melinda Gordon, the heroine. She says she has just married, just moved into a small town and  just opened an antique shop. By this classical story of hers, her life looks quite familiar to ours in many ways; however there is this important characteristics of hers which distinguish her from us, which is a gift she owns. She can see and talk to the dead. And she can even help the earth-bound sprits to cross over through a light. She finishes her words saying “in order to tell you my story, i have to tell you theirs”.

Does it sound a little creepy? Yea that was i had thought even. But after a few episodes, i got used to her and even to them. I started to looking forward to hearing their interesting, emotional and at the same time scary stories. And now i became totally addicted to hear more about the other side! Well considering the pure beauty of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her handsome husband Jim (David Conrad), it becomes easier to be an addict 🙂

Would you like to have a look at it? Well here is the first episode of the first season….if you are not introduced to it yet, see and tell me what you think!


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I have always been a fast food fan till now let it be a cheeseburger, french fries, onion rings, pizza or fried chicken (i mean Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky, etc), but suddenly on the last weekend i decided to be more careful about my daily diet and my aim was to be more healty rather than looking like a super model 😛 So i cooked some local dishes which are composed of vegetable basically and i prepared a cold salad made up of some tomato at the base, parsley, maize, walnut, lettuce and fried cheese on the top which were mixed with a little bit salt and pure olive oil. And no need to say it was really yummylicious 😀


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Wanted1Another Sunday…showing the slight face of winter…slowly….shy yet impatient…hesitant yet brave…so sending the raindrops just before the water gets frozen and turns into solid cold….

Another movie to accompany me on this low yet peaceful day…”Wanted”. It has been weeks since i had seen a new Hindi movie so today decided to see one of the new releases of this year and picked up “Wanted” ,although i had always hated Salman Khan till now, because it was the only one with subtitles…

Till the movie begins i had no idea who is the heroine to dance with the item songs and soon i came to know it was Ayesha Takia whom i did not consider talented as well as she always seemed a little buxom so incapable of running on the golden sands or dancing on a cliff. However this movie turned my standards and prejudices all upside down!!!

Salman, whom i considered till now as ugly and irritating with a pile of useless muscles with his over confidence and so-called cool guy postures, proved in this movie to be really fit, funny in a witty sense, cute and smart under the scope of a role composed of some Terminator, Rambo or Rocky type fighter. I should confess this is his first movie from which i got impressed in real sense from both the comedy scenes and action scenes. And the most attractive side of his was “not interested in love” attitude although he was carrying a deep love in his deep heart 🙂

As for the Ayesha, i believe she must really have lost some weight because she was looking extremely fit and beautiful. And again unbelievably she was dancing quite well and acting quite cute. I don’t know how to apologize from both 😛

The movie was an action movie on the surface but some witty jokes, word games, mimics, and some specific scenes were also categorizing it as a comedy which i can truly say made me laugh at many times. The the songs were high-quality with hyper rhythm and melodious lyrics, my favourite being “Love Me Love Me” 🙂

I don’t wana disclose much spoiler regarding the topic line hence let me summarize the subject very shortly. A fearless man working with gansters only for money and nothing else. He is the one unbeatable person, an undefeatable terminator within the whole underworld. He seems to be a bad chap by behavior but an unknown mystery inside, and that is why the girl who falls in love with him cannot decide whether to keep loving him or to forget him. Beside this indefinable love story continuing on one side, there are these big murders of gangs and police forces on the other side to lead a big surprise in the end (which you will find out on seeing the movie) and our hero takes the best place on the center.

All in all i enjoyed quite much the cast, the story, and the songs hence it gets a 5/5 from me 🙂

P.S. Salman-ji and Ayesha-ji, please mujhe maaf kar do for not discovering you long before in many ways 😛

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Don’t let the title mislead you as i cannot be considered as an up-to-date technology tracker, but if something new catches my attention (as an eye-candy rather than its technological properties), then i have to get it as soon as possible in order to prevent myself from watching this item in front of the store every day at the same hour 😀

My new netbook is one of them. A white princess with utmost glam and extreme comfort. It is as light as a feather and as cool as an ice with its elegant and delicate outlook. Ok ok that much compliment is enough for its external characteristics. Regarding the internal technical properties of it, well i have no idea….you should ask my husband 😀

Ladies and gentlement…kindly meet my new friend Asus Eee PC 1101HA and please don’t forget to show a warm welcome to her 😛


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