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7 pm…Saturday is in hurry to leave its seat to Sunday but i am insistent to make as much benefit as i can before it ends up! Eating too much at dinner and trapping myself in my favorite corner in the room (purple sofa where i usually lie down to have some rest), i think i need to go for a walk not to let the unwanted calories reside in my body hence i decide to execute the Plan C (which is to go to the nearest Starbucks on foot 😀 )

After a short convo with hubby, i am getting prepared, and soon we are on our way! The weather is so nice, still warm without any wind in the air or any cloud in the sky. Soon we arrive at the big Shopping Mall (Kanyon). Before going directly to Starbucks, first we visit Teknosa Shopping Center where some nice electronical devices are sold (my hubby’s favourite place 😀 ) Then we drop a visit to one of the bookstores (Remzi Kitapevi) And finally we are at the gate of Starbucks taking our places at the queue deciding what to drink. We are full so we don’t want to eat anything, and as it is too hot, we want to go for something cold. In the end, i go for Frappuccino Caramel and hubby goes for Frappuccino Vanilla.



There is a small artificial river flowing just in front of our table. The sound of the water is so relaxing as if i am sitting at a real river side surrounded by fresh branches.

The Shopping Mall is hosting a new theme every month decorating its square with the items of the theme. This month it is about planets, space, spaceships. It becomes the center of focus for little kids (including me 😛 )

DSC02189Here are the artificial river and the spaceships.

DSC02185And the lovely planets.

What about me? Well, i am still enjoying my delicious Frappuccino Caramel 😛

Hope everyone’s Saturday was as good as mine! 🙂

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Final-Destination-4Another Friday night and another movie session at cinema hall…Meeting my husband after office and having a delicious dinner at a smart restaurant with a lively ambiance, we decided to see one of the new releases, and i was given the luxury to choose the movie. Among all those romantic comedies or lovely cartoons, i again and once again, selected a horror/thriller movie (Final Destination 4) as it was in 3D only and i am 3D-addicted for a quite while 😀

I had seen the first three series of it and i had liked it although it put me under its negative affect for some days. But having at least some idea of what it was like, i thought i wouldn’t be scared or tensed this time…but i was wrong! In the beginning everything was under control but after the chain of some unfortunate events where the people are killed one by one in a disastrous manner, my mind really gave up defending itself, my heartbeats got accelarated and my blood stopped flowing in my veins. Yes! I’m one of those people who insistantly watch horror/thriller movies although they find themselves quite freaked out in the end 😡

Leaving the scared/freaked out state of mine aside, if we are to talk about the movie itself, i can say this was not the best of the series. I remember i had enjoyed the previous ones better and more. In this one something was missing like a wit or the use of creativity. Again a group of beautiful girls and handsome guys were trying to escape from the hands of death even while feelings its breath on their faces…They were again killed in the most disgusting, weird, inventive or imaginative ways. But it was more like a series of accidents rather than some connected chain of events under the frame of a strongly penned-down script.

Did i like the movie? Yes, surely i liked it even to rate the movie as 4/5, not because of its subject-matter or the majestic act of the cast but because of its visual effects embedded in 3D!

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I had heard this song a month back in a music market where it was played in high pitch…i had really liked it at the time but later on somehow i totally forgat about it…Again tonight while watching a tv. series (Aşk-ı Memnu), the calming melody of the song just filled my ear taking me under its charm. It is the new song of Sertab Erener (Eurovision winner singer u know!). The song title is “Bu böyle ~This is how it is” And the theme is totally about love!

You can listen to the song here with some scenes from that tv. series i talked about. I tried to translate the song struggling to give the exact meanings duly. Hope it can render the significant points at least…Enjoy! 😀

O zor günler solan güller eskidendi. Geçti!

Those hard days, the fading roses were in the past. It is over!

O zaman aşık olduğum rüzgarlar esti esti. Geçti!

The winds which i fell for then blew and passed away!

Geriye sadece yarım yarım sevgiler,

Incomplete love stories left behind only

Yüzüme inceden uzun uzun çizgiler.

Long and thin lines on my face left only

Öznesi kalan süresi kısalan cümleler

Sentences with the same subject but a shortened time

Yalan dolan bir kaç resim kaldı

A few fake photos left behind only

Aşk seni bulabilir de, uzakta durabilir de

Love might find you but it might stay away as well

Samimi oluyor derken mesafe koyabilir de

When you think it is getting closer, it might set a distance in between

Bu böyle vurabilir de, ilgisiz durabilir de

It might hit just like that or might stay insensitive

Onu sana katıyor derken tuzaklar kurabilir de

When you think love adds you, it might trap you as well

Bu böyle

This is how it is


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Choodi ki chhan chhan mein voh hai
Kangan ki khan khan mein voh hai

Can you think of any woman who is able not to lose herself in the charm of acessories?! Earrings…necklaces…bracelets…bangles… payels…bindiyas… rings, etc…I’m also one of them, feeling relief in the shiny world of these eye-candy materials. But the thing is i am more of a collector. I love buying them, keeping them in boxes or drawers, categorizing them according to their types, but not wearing them. Of course, as most of the women do, i have some regular ones that i wear daily, or some others that i wear on special occasions, however most of them (in fact hundreds of them) just take rest in my drawers waiting in line for the day to be worn…And today i decided to open the doors of my treasure for the world, and we will start our journey of beads and metals with my bangles/bracelets, which don’t have any value in money yet invaluable for me as each one of them reminds me of some moments, some friends or some family members, and so i consider them as the witnesses of  time!


These are only the small part of it and i will surely continue sharing the rest with you ladies 😛

By the way, which one is your favourite? What do you wear mostly? With which do you feel more comfortable? or What is the most precious item in your treaure box? Please enlighten me 😀

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