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Is there anyone who does not know yet that i love tags? Tell me tell me…is there anyone? 😛 Let me thank lady BlueMist for today’s tag, which is in a way different from the previous ones i was tagged. As a member of the chain all i have to is to open my first photo folder, to scroll down to the 10th photo and to post it here together with the story behind it. Sounds easy, short and enjoying, doesn’t it? 😀

Here we go!


Well i don’t have an interesting story to relate it…It is a view of Istanbul from the Bosphorus. You know Istanbul is famous for its bridges connecting Asia and Europe, and i had taken this photo last summer (July) on a shipboard between two continents. It was such a lovely day, i had fully enjoyed the sun and the refreshing smell of the sea and the shopping time with my husband after we landed on 😀

Well now i have to tag some other blog members here but i guess i will leave this tag open to everyone…anyone volunteer just pick it up and leave me a message…i would love to see some other photos 😀

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