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200px-fashion_filmIt has been almost a month today since i got the movie Fashion and  today i had nothing to do except watching the movie at last. It has a simple but a nice topic-line being the best side of the movie is all those gorgeous faces such as Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut.

The movie is based on the world of models, their struggles and sacrifices to be on the lead league, their falls and rises, their sometimes strong and other times unstabile personalities, the hunters waiting for them and their resistance, the losers and the winners, the dreams and the dreamers…

I quite enjoyed the movie, both its flow and the cast. The soundtrack was also enchanting. Although Priyanka was the lead actress in the movie, i am more amazed by Kangana as always. Her nature, her outlook, her type of behaviour is so different, isolated from all those standardized item girls, being on the extremes most of time. And i should confess i love the agony reflected in her eyes may be that is why she is always in some shoes who loses in life sometimes a love, sometimes a career and sometimes life itself…


And of course i can’t deny the pure beauty of Priyanka. They look quite suited in their roles. Apart from the cast and the topic, the movie being on fashion and models, the clothes and accesorizes and make-ups were awesome i should say. It inspired (indeed provocated) me to go on a shopping once again 🙂

Oh by the way i highly advice you to listen to the song “Mar Jawaan”. You can find the video below. And as for my rating, all those talented ladies deserves at least a 4/5!


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may_pudding“Take these coins” said the grandma. “Don’t be late after school. I will be waiting for you to watch our favorite TV. serial”, then gave a warm smile to her granddaughter which was even more precious than the coins in her pocket.

She thought how lucky she had been, being the favored grandchild leaving all the others one step behind in this race of love…whatever she did whole day, there was only one thing in her childish mind, which was actually sometimes able to think in a more mature way than an adult, that was the evening she would spend with her grandma on her laps feeling her soft hands on her hair like a delicate butterfly. At those times she never missed the opportunity to fill her tiny nose with grandma’s sweet smell so that she would be with her all the time.

 Being impatient let the day last for longer than its usual routine. She counted the hours while day-dreaming at the same time. At last it was high time to go home. She took her schoolbag which was heavier than herself. When she arrived at the confectioner’s shop, she stopped in front of its door and looked at the sparkling windows decorated with a variety of candy and chocolate. She felt the coins given by her grandma in the morning; she touched them as she wanted to see they were still there and safe. Then a big smile appeared on her face; that much happiness in a tiny life of a tiny heart…

She got the chocolates being careful about choosing the ones which her grandma would love to eat most, then leaving the shop behind she hit the road with fast steps as she was not allowed to run.

When she entered the garden first person to greet her was her mom but this time she was lack of the glitter in her eyes, instead she noticed some moisture there. Then her dad appeared silently out of the entrance door; he was looking cold but calm with his two arms at his both sides.

She couldn’t figure out what was happening. She walked passing by her mom and then her dad too. As soon as she entered the house, she came across the open door of her grandma’s room, but she wasn’t inside. She sat on her bed and looked at her mom who was now standing still at the threshold.

Mom tried to say a word but her voice got lost in the air. But she knew. She knew that her grandma had gone with the angels leaving her alone.

She felt the chocolates in her pocket; she checked whether they were still there or not. At the time she touched the chocolates with her fingertips showing a slight hesitation, she felt her grandma’s soft hand on her hair.

That was the first and last time a big drop of tear flowed down on her cheek finding a way to her lips. That’s why all the chocolates of the world have a salty taste for her now!

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