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Childhood events, memories are the most influential ones affecting a whole life of a person and this movie is the best evidence to approve this truth…

It is about a girl who witnesses her mother’s cheating on her father leaving her behind together with her sisters and brothers to meet her lover. The same girl follows the traces each time their mom leaves them at home. The very same girl decides to take revenge from her mom but she never expects that the revenge will be such a catastrophe…

Soon she finds herself with a boyfriend whom her parents never approve of…she falls in love, experiences every step of love slowly but uncautiously, soon to be scared of herself and to run away leaving everything behind reminding of the audince of her mother but losing her way consiciously rather than in a blind love which was the case for the mother. And finally she comes across with her own daughter with her regrets in heart…

The Burning Plain shortly tells us about the life of a woman with flashbacks into the past and sometimes in a mixed order present coming before the past which saves the movie being a plain and an easy toy for the audience and forces the audience to follow the lines one by one…

Being a Charlize Theron fan especially after seeing Sweet November and Devil’s Advocate, i certainly liked the movie. It seemed so real and rendered the feelings so efficiently. Only point which i didn’t like in the movie was its end since  i felt as if it was incomplete.

So overall, my rate is 4/5 for the burning plain…and i hope noone has such extreme regrets in life causing the plains one’s inside to burn…

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As a tradition of Friday nights, i went to cinema last night as well and guess what kind of a movie it was??!! Of course a horror movie!!! Well, the people who know me know as well that i am a coward person like i can be afraid of my own shadow at times even 😛 And no matter how many times i repeat myself that i won’t see another horror movie, on the release of a new one i am always the first one being eager to see it….

Well…again last night…i ate my husband’s brain to see the movie “The Uninvited”, i persudaded him at last although he warned me that i would be scared, we paid, got the tickets and seated ourselves. Everything was as supposed to be till that point, but once the movie started, i again turned into a coward cat getting smaller and smaller on my seat, holding my husband’s arm, closing my eyes at the most important scenes. Under these conditions, i could only see half of the movie:P But i can still review it 😀

I won’t go into minute details as The Uninvited is also a classical horror movie with dead people, ghosts and villains around.  It is about a teenage girl who lost her mother in a fire accident. After this accident her psychology gets worse and she receives a treatment for a while which does not prevent her seeing illusions still! After the recovery, on her return to home, she comes to know that her father is about to get married with her dead mother’s nurse, which brings her at a threshold of losing her mind totally. But with the doubts in her heart that the nurse could be the murderer of her mom, she chooses to stay calm for the beginning…

As seen above, the topic line does not bring something new to the audience. It is also a remake of a Korean horror movie Janghwa, Hongryeon. I can say only good, different and extraordinary point of the movie is its end. It totally surprises the audience as there is no evidence hinting its end at all.

I would rate it as 3/5 and this 3 points are almost only for the end of movie itself.

P.S. I wasn’t able to sleep last night as i was scared again 😛

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 I am quite aware and very sorry about that i could not drop even a single line in my blog the whole week due to various reasons…

Firstly, you know i have  a busy schedule at work but this week has been/will be extraordinarily busy which made me to feel exhausted and hit the bed at around 8 pm and finish the rest of the day in my dreams:P

Secondly, i am suffering from toothache for a week and i am under a treatment once in a week which also takes from my already limited time (and tortures me as i am extremely scared of dentists :x)

Thirdly, today is the birthday of my dearest husband so i was busy with planning and getting some gifts for him (which is the only good event within the whole day). Oh, let me take this opportunity to wish him once more from my lovely blog area as well 😀

Hello Mr. Choti, i wish you a very happy birthday…long and healty life with all your beloved ones ME coming in the first place of the order:P Hope all your wishes come true…Oh, by the way did you open your gifts? 😛

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Over Rainbow



Walking on the rainbow

Pacing the colors

Last drop of rain

Absorbed under the bare foot…

Feeling fresh like a new born baby

With a blank mind

to be filled unfortunately…

Following your steps

which are about to disappear

End of the road

Black is more black now

And i don’t know any other color…

Smelling the air

Your smell carried by wind

Passing by me

To some far-away countries…

Clouds surrounding me

You are out of sight


No color, no smell

No rain, no rainbow…

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Lestat%20and%20Jesse(Jesse%27s%20final%20breath%20as%20mortal)I am sure each and every visitor of my blog now knows that i became a big vampire fan as soon as finishing Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, which introduced Edward Cullen to the whole literary world. On a small tracking, i came to know almost all of the book blogs spared some place for Edward let it be via Twilight movie or the book and i observed especially the teenage girls are enchanted by him rather than getting scared.

Soon after consuming Edward’s intoxicating vampire story, i started to look for more vampire stories as clearly it became a habit of mine being surrounded by them rather than a timepass (it is like wanting more soon after tasting the first drop of blood) 😀

This month i read “Vittorio” by Anne Rice first. Vittorio is a teenage vampire who is turned into one by his lover Ursula unwillingly and unexpectedly. He is partially innocent yet delightful on drinking blood.

After digesting Vittorio’s sad story, i watched the movie “The Vampire Lestat” who is again made eternal by a master vampire to keep him as a company for himself. Again innocent but unable to resist to blood.

Vittorio and Lestat are more like a nightmare for human beings by both their evil sides and vampirous charm,  no matter how much Vittorio struggles to keep his purity safe and no matter how Lestat still regrets for his first hunt. As for Edward, needless to say, he is like an angel rather than a vampire, his decent character, his thirst for love, his agony for his lost soul are making him more human less vampire.

And checking at bookstores, i noticed some other books on the shelves (some are new publications of the old books, others are totally brand new put forward for the hungry readers after the popularity of Twilight) all about vampires, adding new members to the gang.

Still it doesn’t matter how handsome they are, it doesn’t matter how lovable their looks are,  it doesn’t matter they were unwilling humans once, it doesn’t matter they seek mercy losing their souls and it doesn’t matter how they differ, in the end they all drink blood!

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Little Pickle!

Dinner time around 7 pm…i am trying to set the table patiently after a tiring day at office (as usual)…Plates, forks, spoons, bread, deliciously-cooked dishes (of course by me)…everything is ready now…although i don’t like much, i am feeling like eating some pickle… i opened the fridge to get the pickle jar….opened its lid and chose one among many…and i got shocked!!!

The one i selected and separated from his friends looked so sad to me…i thought i should send him back to the jar but then i have to choose another one…so what is the difference…i carried on and put him onto a plate…he looked more sad this time like ready to cry…i decided that i can’t eat it 😦

i called my husband and showed the little pickle to him…he just laughed and said “Don’t worry, he will feel fine in my stomach”…still i wasn’t comfortable considering little pickle’s down looks…then he took place on the table and i tried not to look at him during the dinner time…and when my eyes searched for him the next time, he was already gone 😮

Little pickle….rest in peace…

Oh by the way i kept a small memory of him…now it is up to you to decide how would you react after seeing such a cute and sad pickle coming out of a jar!


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This week-video song  (Aankhon hi aankhon mein) is from a movie named C.I.D., which is considered one of the best crime thrillers in Bollywood among classics hosting Dev Anand and Shakila. The music is quite joyful adding to the simplicity and purity of the video. Dev Anand and Shakila seem very natural and comfortable while play-backing. I loved the graceful mimics of Shakila, her slow-moving eye-lashes speak more than herself and it seems her eyes get all the answers in the warm smile of Dev as ever 🙂

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200px-fashion_filmIt has been almost a month today since i got the movie Fashion and  today i had nothing to do except watching the movie at last. It has a simple but a nice topic-line being the best side of the movie is all those gorgeous faces such as Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut.

The movie is based on the world of models, their struggles and sacrifices to be on the lead league, their falls and rises, their sometimes strong and other times unstabile personalities, the hunters waiting for them and their resistance, the losers and the winners, the dreams and the dreamers…

I quite enjoyed the movie, both its flow and the cast. The soundtrack was also enchanting. Although Priyanka was the lead actress in the movie, i am more amazed by Kangana as always. Her nature, her outlook, her type of behaviour is so different, isolated from all those standardized item girls, being on the extremes most of time. And i should confess i love the agony reflected in her eyes may be that is why she is always in some shoes who loses in life sometimes a love, sometimes a career and sometimes life itself…


And of course i can’t deny the pure beauty of Priyanka. They look quite suited in their roles. Apart from the cast and the topic, the movie being on fashion and models, the clothes and accesorizes and make-ups were awesome i should say. It inspired (indeed provocated) me to go on a shopping once again 🙂

Oh by the way i highly advice you to listen to the song “Mar Jawaan”. You can find the video below. And as for my rating, all those talented ladies deserves at least a 4/5!

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may_pudding“Take these coins” said the grandma. “Don’t be late after school. I will be waiting for you to watch our favorite TV. serial”, then gave a warm smile to her granddaughter which was even more precious than the coins in her pocket.

She thought how lucky she had been, being the favored grandchild leaving all the others one step behind in this race of love…whatever she did whole day, there was only one thing in her childish mind, which was actually sometimes able to think in a more mature way than an adult, that was the evening she would spend with her grandma on her laps feeling her soft hands on her hair like a delicate butterfly. At those times she never missed the opportunity to fill her tiny nose with grandma’s sweet smell so that she would be with her all the time.

 Being impatient let the day last for longer than its usual routine. She counted the hours while day-dreaming at the same time. At last it was high time to go home. She took her schoolbag which was heavier than herself. When she arrived at the confectioner’s shop, she stopped in front of its door and looked at the sparkling windows decorated with a variety of candy and chocolate. She felt the coins given by her grandma in the morning; she touched them as she wanted to see they were still there and safe. Then a big smile appeared on her face; that much happiness in a tiny life of a tiny heart…

She got the chocolates being careful about choosing the ones which her grandma would love to eat most, then leaving the shop behind she hit the road with fast steps as she was not allowed to run.

When she entered the garden first person to greet her was her mom but this time she was lack of the glitter in her eyes, instead she noticed some moisture there. Then her dad appeared silently out of the entrance door; he was looking cold but calm with his two arms at his both sides.

She couldn’t figure out what was happening. She walked passing by her mom and then her dad too. As soon as she entered the house, she came across the open door of her grandma’s room, but she wasn’t inside. She sat on her bed and looked at her mom who was now standing still at the threshold.

Mom tried to say a word but her voice got lost in the air. But she knew. She knew that her grandma had gone with the angels leaving her alone.

She felt the chocolates in her pocket; she checked whether they were still there or not. At the time she touched the chocolates with her fingertips showing a slight hesitation, she felt her grandma’s soft hand on her hair.

That was the first and last time a big drop of tear flowed down on her cheek finding a way to her lips. That’s why all the chocolates of the world have a salty taste for her now!

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