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 Do you believe in coincidences? Well i do…at least I started to do after reading this short but rich-in-content book!

The Red Notebook consists of 4 sections which are 1)The Red Notebook 2)Why Write? 3)Accident Report 4) It Don’t Mean a Thing and all telling about the coincidences in life which are frequently ignored or not paid attention by most of us. The content is based on facts, real events from the writer’s or his friends’s lives/experiences which are narrated by himself like a fictive short story captivating the reader.

The attracting part is the one where he explains simply yet strikingly how he became a writer, what the basic motive behind this decision…One night after a baseball game, he has a chance to get the autograph of his favourite baseball player, but unfortunately neither the player nor himself has a pen at the time. He keeps asking everyone around for a pen but he cannot find and fell into a helpless situation since his dream player is just in front of him but he cannot take even an autograph. The player says sorry and leaves the stadium leaving him behind helpless. Being a 8-year old kid with a devastated heart at the time, Auster cannot supress his tears and keeps crying all through the way home. Since that night he never goes out without carrying a pen in his pocket not to get caught unprepared again. He says he never plans to do anyhing with the pen he carries, but having a pen in your pocket, most probably one day you will feel like using it. That is how i became a writer he mentions.

In The Red Book, Paul Auster puts forward how the chain of coincidences plays an important role in our lives no matter we are aware of it or not and events are kind of connected to one another  even though we cannot realize it at the first glance.

I read the book in Turkish. I liked especially its simplicity. Simple, random, every-day events are narrated in such a way that keeps the reader captivated and appreciating till the end. So deserves a 5/5!

P.S.: In the bookstore I bought also a film magazine together with THE RED NOTEBOOK and soon i realized the giveaway of the magazine was a red notebook in which i already started to take notes:)


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25 Facts About Me…Tag Tag!

smile030No need to make an introduction, right? I am sure you already guessed that i am tagged by Sree once again…i should say i love tags because on each tag i know more details about my blogger friends and in the same way i let them know about me more…and i find every tiny miny detail quite interesting as minor reasons in life might cause major results 🙂

Here is the rule…i should write 25 facts about me…it can be about my life, my habits, hobbies, fantasies, achievements, aims…etc…etc..and then tag 25 people in return…lets start!

  1. I hate monday mornings as i am not able to wake up early in the morning and come into my senses properly at least till 10 am. And did you notice tomorrow is Monday? 😡
  2. No matter what i cannot decide about my favourite Bollywood movie, one day it is Veer-Zara, the other day it is Devdas, and some other day it is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge…but under any condition i cannot vote for the best as each and every SRK movie is already the best!
  3. I cannot stop myself from spending on books and movies. Although i am quite slow at reading lately due to lack of time, i am still fast at purchasing books 😀
  4. Recently i lost a precious friend and it is one of my biggest regrets in life! (I cannot blame either myself or my friend, but just life)
  5. I am a coward, i cannot watch any horror movies. If i watch just by chance/coincidence, i am not able to sleep alone/in dark for days 😀
  6. As the time passes, i am becoming more and more homebody, less and less social. My leisure time activities quite decreased in time. Does it mean i am getting older? 😆
  7. I cannot speak proper Hindi and that drives me crazy. I guess I should try harder…The best sentence i can construct in Hindi is “Main achchi hindi bol nahi sakti hoon” (hope it is correct lol)
  8. My favourite song changes every week, and i can spend the whole week just listening to the very same song consuming it to the end; this week’s song is “hum ne suna hai” from Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai.
  9. i quitted celebrating my birthday and at the same time i started to forget my friend’s birthdays (Accordingly, i am sure Mr. Sree will remind me of his birthday leaving a comment here *angel looks*)
  10. I love coke. Drinking coke is a habit of mine but unfortunately i am forbidden by my doctor from drinking it as it is unhealty 😦
  11. Lately i have been to various hospitals due to some health issues of mine…for now i am pretty good (shukar hai), as a matter of fact  i don’t want to see any doctor ever again (lets see how long will it be possible :p)
  12. I am looking forward to spring. I want to wear lighter clothes and to feel the sunshine on my face and to smell the fresh daisies…I wonder when i will be able to open my eyes a sunny morning…
  13. My mom’s birthday is quite near and i am planning to surprise her with a cute gift 😀
  14. Checking my blog status every day, i see many visitors but i wonder why most of the time they just pass by without dropping any comment…come on guys i am sure you have something to say on my posts :p
  15. The more i think (about anything) the more i get confused :S
  16. I hate being a pessimistic person but i cannot help thinking in a negative way. How to get rid of it?!
  17. I love spending time in bookstores, touching the covers of books and feeling the dusty smell of the shelves and hearing the sounds of the characters sheltered among pages.
  18. I already started to plan my summer vacation. I have a wedding to attend this summer and i am so excited about it as it will be an occasion to recollect my old memories.
  19. I am an indecisive person. I cannot make up my mind quickly when i am stuck between two things. If you offer me a chocolate and a bowl of icecream, i might think over it for hours and at the end someone else eat the chocolate and icecream melts already; that is why i miss many opportunities in life 😆
  20. I love daisies…the white ones…they look so pure and innocent…
  21. An indian friend of mine living and working in the same city with me, just got married in india and came back. I haven’t seen my bhabi yet, soon to be met 🙂
  22. This week i realized that i love buying cosmetic stuff but not using them as during the whole week i just put on make up only two days (well i am a natural-born-lazy plus i have a natural beauty 😆
  23. Since i watched the garba dance scene in the movie Pride and Prejudice, i want to learn it but there is no one to teach me 😦
  24. I would love to have a saree but i don’t know how and where to wear it lol
  25. Number 25 is spared for a confession which is i found it quite difficult to recollect 25 items about myself :p

Well i don’t have 25 people to tag…so anyone interested can take it up…i would love to hear about different lives 🙂

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Attention: This is the story of Sanju and Anju. Not a third one is allowed in between 😆

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai is a classical bollywood movie with many lively or romantic dance scenes and colorful, eye-catching filmi costumes, however far from catching the audience itself being lack of creativity and despite having references/inpirations from other famous bollywood movies, not being able to get rif of getting labelled as a “copy” of this and that…

The cast is not a strong one; for sure i had seen Uday Chopra in movies like Mohabbatein or Dhoom, and also Bipasha Basu in Bachna Ae Haseeno and others, Jimmy Shergill in again Mohabbatein and others, Tulip Joshi in Dokha or Superstar; still none of them sound/seem strong to me to cover a whole movie. What i mean to say is that when they act and sing under Shah Rukh Khan or under Hrithik Roshan or Abhishek Bachan, they look quite talented but when they try to manage a scenario by themselves, i find it insufficient as in missing a gist or as in being far away from keeping the soul of the movie alive. (May be that is a personal problem of mine as i am quite used to watching bollywood movies with superstars 🙂 )

The storyline is quite familiar one…There is a woman loved by two men at the same time. One is childhood friend, a bit badmash, a bit crazy, funny yet loving and caring. The other is newly met, handsome, cool, shortly carrying all the perfect criteria required for a marriage. First our heroine is unaware of her feelings, then gets confused and indecisive and finally comes to know what her heart wishes for.

The movie smells a bit Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a bit Mohabbatein, a bit Main Hoon Na among the bollywood movies and kind of inspired from My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997-Julia Roberts). I am not saying it is an exact copy or a ruined dublicate of these movies but it captures some bits and pieces, which i believe do not disturb the audience.

The best thing in the movie is its songs…Ek Ladki, Sharara, Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai, Jaage Jaage, Humne Suna Hai, Hum Dono Jaisa…I can say I loved each one of them but especially Sharara.


Ek Ladki

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Humne Suna Hai

Jaage Jaage

Hum Dono Jaisa

Overall, it cannot be categorized as a bad movie as it still provides the audience with some nice timepass showing all the fancy items of bollywood. Still my eyes were searching for Shah Rukh Khan when the heros and heroines were dancing among the mountains being dressed in their best suits and trying to look as if intoxicated by love!

My rate: 3/5!

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Although it has been more than a week since i watched this movie, I could not have time at all to review it as these days time has gained more value 🙂

In this movie i came across many familiar faces such as Irfan Khan (lately took place in Billu Barber), Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna (whom i first seen in the movie Bollywood/Hollywood, Konkona Sen Sharma (whom i really like especially after her appearance in Aaj Nachle) and Soha Ali Khan (at whom I was amazed in Rang De Basanti).

It is basically about the relations of husbands and wives in married lives and their approach at ‘outsiders’. It starts with the divorce decision of a married couple who already lost the soul of their marriage. Their best friends (who are also a married couple) quite criticise the decision but at the same time they start to question their own marriage life as well. We see some minor details regarding a cheating husband, a wife trying to save a marriage, a woman trying to gain a relation, another husband pretending to be loyal to his wife but indeed already giving up on her in his mind, another wife looking so happy being married but in fact quite confused in deep and some other people passing by their lives in between.

What happens in the end…Lust is proved to be a strong feeling but still to be a temporary one and decreasing in time on the contrary to love and showing only true and sincere love (not the artificial infatuation) can resist any kind of obstacle.

What I liked most in this movie is the fun side of it. It is decorated with some “laughter items” making the audience smile even at the bitter truths accepting the life as it is.

Soundtrack is a good one as well. My favourite song from this movie is “Zindagi Yeh” among the following ones:

1. Ehsaan
2. Uthale Ya Phenk De
3. Zindagi Ye
4. Ok Tata Done
5. Nasha Nashila
6. Ehsaan [Remix]
7. Zindagi Ye [Rock Version]
8. Goodnight

Overall it is a time-pass movie still with lots of messages to deliver deserving a 3/5 from me 🙂

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I just found out a site where you can compose your own hindi music using the Percu, Sitar, Flute and other instrument buttons. It is such a fun game! Just try and listen to the result, you will be amazed at your own talent 🙂 Lets see how many A.R. Rahmans will be discovered here :p

Here is the link!


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Yesterday when i opened my inbox there was a forward mail from a friend of mine about girls. I read it and shared it with some of my other friends as well. It was telling about some generally-accepted truths about girls but i have no idea who accepts these truths in general 🙂 To me, yea some lines make sense, but about some other lines, in fact i even cannot comment being a girl. Still i enjoyed while reading the following paragraph as it talks about some soft moments, mild and true facts within a relation and some commonly shared features of girls…


When a GIRL is quiet … millions of things are running in her mind. When a GIRL is not arguing … she is thinking deeply. When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions … she is wondering how long you will be around. When a GIRL answers ” I’m fine ” after a few seconds … she is not at all fine. When a GIRL stares at you … she is wondering why you are lying. When a GIRL lays on your chest … she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a GIRL wants to see you everyday… she wants to be pampered. When a GIRL says ” I love you ” … she means it. When a GIRL says ” I miss you ” … no one in this world can miss you more than that.

So what do you think? Which line suits you best and which does not?

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romantic-girl-692371_iThis week i did not finish any book to refer to or to take any excerpt from it, however while i was going through one of my old notepads i came across a nice quote which i had noted down and i would like to share especially with my female readers…i do not know may be the male ones can adapt it for themselves as well 🙂

A woman should have one old love she can imagine going back to…and one who reminds her how far she has come!

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