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Another quite interesting and extraordinary Kim Ki-Duk movie with a strange ending. One thing i noticed for Kim Ki-Duk works, no matter how odd, sometimes blood-freezing or shocking they are, at the end you just can’t help appreciating the creative mind and the deep talent lying behind.

In “The Bow”, there is a girl found by an old seaman when she was 6 years old and since then they have been living just on a boat in the middle of the sea. The girl is now 16 years old and she has never been stepped on any piece of earth within those years and the old man is the only bridge between the shore and herself.

She seems happy though with the love and care the old man provides for herself. They earn their living with the guests visiting their boat for fishing. While she becomes happy to see new faces on each visit, the old man is always cautious against others as he has other plans in mind, which is in line with the rumour among the fisher guests.

These rumours show the intention of old man which is to get married with the girl when she becomes 17. The girl is totally unaware of what is happening around her; she is just a child cheering even on every small occasion she catches.

Only mistake the old man does in his plans is to ignore that the love for her is not mutual and the chance for the girl to fall for someone else (young as herself) is quite possible.

Although the movie progresses with slow and smooth steps, it points out an abrupt or even weird end, which you will be able to see only after watching the movie [as i am not going to tell you :)].

It can be categorized as an effective drama, so my rate is 4/5.

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