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07koiIdhar chala main udhar chala Jaane kahan main kidhar chala Arre phisal gaya, yeh tune kya kiya…

Last night i watched one of the cutest Bollywood movies which doubled my appreciation for Preity Zinta and caused being a “strong fan” of Hrithik Roshan…

The movie starts with a scientist who spends his whole life to be able to communicate with extrateresstrial beings. However, when he finally achieves his goal, there seems to be noone to belive him except his wife. One night while they were returning back home by their car, they have a glimpse of a UFO in the dark sky. Their over-excitement causes an accident, which results in the death of the scientist. Although his wife saved her life from this accident, the baby carried by her seems to get affected. He is born with some mental disorder.

Although Rohit looks like a complete grown-up by his physical appearance, unfortunately his brain is just like a kid’s. This situation creates many trouble both for himself and his mother. He gets tortured by some cruel people around, he gets scolded by teachers at school, plus he cannot figure out what is wrong with him.

However, when Nisha enters his life, things started to change in a better way. He discovers the world once again with her. He feels much better by the love and affection shown by Nisha. But the real magic occurs due an alien (the cutest alien on and out of world) who is left behind by an UFO on a visit on earth one night due to the signals sent by Rohit by mistake.

This alien has some powers supported by the sunlight. And has some abilities such as providing cure. Thats why Rohit and his gang name him as Jadoo which means Magic. After realizing Rohit’s situation, Jadoo applies his powers on him and cures his mental illness. Meanwhile, there appears the first sparks of the love between Rohit and Nisha. This is followed by the revenge of the good side from the bad side, saving the Jadoo from bad people, and of course a HAPPY END!

Some additional notes:

  • Although till now i did not like Hrithik, with this movie i totally forgat about his past and made him my “best male crying actor” (after Shah Rukh of course 😀 ) His acting was hilarious. He was so innocent, so natural. His crying scenes were so influencial that i could not help crying as well. (Congratulations Hrithik, you won my heart as a fan of yours but don’t expect too much as the lead role is still owned by SRK 😛 )
  • I do not need to mention how cute Preity is, do i? Her clothes were eye-catching, especially her white and black dresses in the movie.
  • I admitted at last that Hrithik dances better than SRK. (Sorry ji, mujhe maaf kar do lekin i have to be fair 🙂 )
  • Jadoo (the blue alien) was the cutest alien i ever met 😆 His big eyes and koi-mil-gaya-wallpaperhis facial expressions were so sweet. I would love to adopt one 😛
  • The songs were (basically Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik) good, especially Udhar Chala Mein Idhar Chala.
  • The dialogues were mostly funny (such as “go beta and show them humanity still exists in this world” with my rough translation into English :D) So humanity is proven saving the life of an alien…how sweeettttttt!!!
  • Overall, it seems like a movie for kids but grown-ups like me with some childish mind, soul and heart would certainly love it.

My rate: 5/5!


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