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At lasttttt at lastttt the letter which was sent for my birthday from New Delhi has just reached me today after almost 13 days!!! I was so looking forward to it because each letter sent by my friends from India has the traces of Shah Rukh Khan in a way or another 😀

Apart from wishing me for my belated birthday and placing some hindi sentences in between the lines together with their English counterparts as in the way i find it practical (:P), the letter was talking about King Khan as i guessed it….the parts with SRK were a bit tricky though 😀

Well i take this opportunity to thank New Delhi for the kind wishes sent to me, for the long letter written without feeling any boredom and for K-k-k-i-i-i-i-r-r-a-a-n-n saga included in it:)



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As of today, i would like to share my favourite book covers with you…i have various reasons to be caught by a book cover and with each cover i want to mention my reason as well…here we go with the first book cover of the week…


Reason: First of all i love snow under any condition, secondly i cannot think of anyone who does not like such a romantic scene:P

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Brick Lane

48661Yesterday i discovered a marvellous movie just by chance. I had visited my DVD store as usual just to change a DVD which was not working. The DVD guy told me to pick up another movie instead of that one, so i just scanned the shelf in a second and had the glimpse of “Brick Lane”. I had never heard about the movie before but its cover got me!

A seventeen year-old girl (Nazneen) living in Bangladesh, after losing her mom in a suicidal case, is forced to marry an older man whom she never met before and leaves her beloved sister and her home behind to live in UK with his husband. There she turns into a middle-aged woman with two daughters. They seem to have no happiness in their life. They seem to be in need of money. No love as well. And no matter how much Nazneen wants to go back to her homeland, it seems impossible for now. She keeps worrying about her sister more and more after each letter sent by her sister.

When they find the money and the reason to go back home, the consitions look changed for Nazneen now as she is in love with another man. As she discovers some fresh and unfamiliar feelings inside, as she finds out something new in her life, as she comes to know at last what happiness is, now she feels reluctant to go back home.

In the movie we see the conditions of “pardesi” people who have to live in foreign lands by this or that reason, and we  are given the details of endurance, silence, missing, struggle, love, passion, making mistakes, correcting mistakes, priorities in life and above all sacrifice…

It seems Love always changes the conditions!

Rate: 5/5!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!




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Season of Dead Umbrellas…

I woke up early in the morning and hearing the sound of rain hitting on my window i went back to sleep eagerly just hugging my blanket more and more. Then i woke up at noon, yea lazy lamhe….But this time i got out of bed and got dressed to go out for breakfast…

I opened the curtains to see the weather was still rainy and cold. I don’t like umbrellas for no reason, i just don’t feel like carrying them. So again instead of an umbrella i took my cap with me.

The weird thing was that all through the way till the bus stop, i saw at least 10 broken umbrellas left on the roadsides. The wind must have been so strong last night so that so many weak umbrellas lost the game against it.

See the photo below i took this morning. I still don’t like umbrellas but i felt sorry for them after seeing them like that…This winter became the season of dead umbrellas rather than a snowman!


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bmkToday at last i did what i have planned to do for a long time…started a blog in Turkish named “Anı Defteri (Book of Memories)”. I am not sure what it will include specifically but for now its format will be similar to this one…so it will be about literature, books, movies, bollywood, love, life, etc….just all in Turkish:)

Let’s see how it will work!

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wall5-1024x768It has been such a long time since i watched such a funny bollywood movie. Indeed i do not know how to review this movie as it has everything in it. It has the sina qua non of the bollywood, aka romance, it has comedy, it has action, it has suspense, it has thrill, it has love, it has karate-kungfu, it has Akshay Kumar, it has Depika Padukone, it has fantastic scenes…what else do you look for!?

From one angle it is like an adult version of Karate Kid including comedy items in excess, from another angle it is like fantastic chinese fight art movies such as House of Flying Daggers, or a Bruce Lee movie made by indians. But i should say it does not look like a copy of anything, it has the bits combined within a creative manner.

wall6-1280x1024I loved Akshay Kumar’s acting. His facial expressions, his mimics were just awesome and really funny. Depika was as gorgeous and elegant as ever.

 I was in need of laughing for a long while and this movie was like a freshly applied medicine to me…Is there anyone wondering about the rating?? Well, 5/5 for sure:)

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