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my_bloody_valentine_3d_final_movie_posterFriday night. The clock shows almost 9 pm and i am entrapped within a dark room at least for 2 hours. It is crowded but i cannot see anyone around. My heart is beating faster and faster. I find difficulty in breathing and i am ready to scream until the lights of the cinema saloon are turned on and i burst into laughing seeing my husband wearing those huge 3D glasses:D

My Bloody Valentine is a horror, thriller, suspense or mystery movie. It is a 3D one so that one can get the benefit of each horifying scene more and more. The cast composes of Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Betsy Rue.

kerr-smith-my-bloody-valentine-3-d_8The chains of events take place on a vanetine’s day as the title suggests. Many people are killed on this day just before they were about to have a party at the entrance of a mine, the suspected one is an old miner who has been in coma for years after an accident which caused the death of many other miners. When this miner, Harry Warren, is about to kill Tom Hanniger, he is killed by the police. Tom cannot overcome this incident seeing so many people murdered in the most disgusting and cruel way and gettting face to face with death himself as well. So he vanishes suddenly getting out of town.

000209651He returns after 10 years later on the valentine’s day to find his old girlfriend married to the police chief with a little son and to be accused of the series of murders  which take a start on his return.

After each murder the case gets more and more complicated and the suspected people include even the chief himself.

The movie is not a perfect one as its story basis is not processed pretty well and it has some clear defects as almost every horror movie has. However the way it uses the technology of 3D is one of the best for sure as it takes the breath of audience away with every bloody murder. It is quite tension-giving while feeling the cold blade of the murder kit on your back after all:D

My rate is 3/5!

Errr my rate for Kerr Smith is 5/5! 😛


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