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At lasttttt at lastttt the letter which was sent for my birthday from New Delhi has just reached me today after almost 13 days!!! I was so looking forward to it because each letter sent by my friends from India has the traces of Shah Rukh Khan in a way or another 😀

Apart from wishing me for my belated birthday and placing some hindi sentences in between the lines together with their English counterparts as in the way i find it practical (:P), the letter was talking about King Khan as i guessed it….the parts with SRK were a bit tricky though 😀

Well i take this opportunity to thank New Delhi for the kind wishes sent to me, for the long letter written without feeling any boredom and for K-k-k-i-i-i-i-r-r-a-a-n-n saga included in it:)



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As of today, i would like to share my favourite book covers with you…i have various reasons to be caught by a book cover and with each cover i want to mention my reason as well…here we go with the first book cover of the week…


Reason: First of all i love snow under any condition, secondly i cannot think of anyone who does not like such a romantic scene:P

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