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Brick Lane

48661Yesterday i discovered a marvellous movie just by chance. I had visited my DVD store as usual just to change a DVD which was not working. The DVD guy told me to pick up another movie instead of that one, so i just scanned the shelf in a second and had the glimpse of “Brick Lane”. I had never heard about the movie before but its cover got me!

A seventeen year-old girl (Nazneen) living in Bangladesh, after losing her mom in a suicidal case, is forced to marry an older man whom she never met before and leaves her beloved sister and her home behind to live in UK with his husband. There she turns into a middle-aged woman with two daughters. They seem to have no happiness in their life. They seem to be in need of money. No love as well. And no matter how much Nazneen wants to go back to her homeland, it seems impossible for now. She keeps worrying about her sister more and more after each letter sent by her sister.

When they find the money and the reason to go back home, the consitions look changed for Nazneen now as she is in love with another man. As she discovers some fresh and unfamiliar feelings inside, as she finds out something new in her life, as she comes to know at last what happiness is, now she feels reluctant to go back home.

In the movie we see the conditions of “pardesi” people who have to live in foreign lands by this or that reason, and we  are given the details of endurance, silence, missing, struggle, love, passion, making mistakes, correcting mistakes, priorities in life and above all sacrifice…

It seems Love always changes the conditions!

Rate: 5/5!


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