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wall5-1024x768It has been such a long time since i watched such a funny bollywood movie. Indeed i do not know how to review this movie as it has everything in it. It has the sina qua non of the bollywood, aka romance, it has comedy, it has action, it has suspense, it has thrill, it has love, it has karate-kungfu, it has Akshay Kumar, it has Depika Padukone, it has fantastic scenes…what else do you look for!?

From one angle it is like an adult version of Karate Kid including comedy items in excess, from another angle it is like fantastic chinese fight art movies such as House of Flying Daggers, or a Bruce Lee movie made by indians. But i should say it does not look like a copy of anything, it has the bits combined within a creative manner.

wall6-1280x1024I loved Akshay Kumar’s acting. His facial expressions, his mimics were just awesome and really funny. Depika was as gorgeous and elegant as ever.

 I was in need of laughing for a long while and this movie was like a freshly applied medicine to me…Is there anyone wondering about the rating?? Well, 5/5 for sure:)


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morning_walk51Sometimes we should let it go. Sometimes we cannot get any benefit from sticking to some people rather we can only harm ourselves and them. Sometimes we should let the beloved ones to stay away from us, sometimes we should lose them in order to fully understand how precious they are to us, but no guarantee whether you can find them again once you lose them.

Sometimes we should pretend, we should be a different person than we are, so anyone in life needs some theatrical gestures so that we can make people believe in things which are not true. For example, when you say “I don’t love you”, the person across to you should not suspect from the power of your sentence. You should perform it with such a certainty that you can deceive even yourself.

Sometimes we should stay silent no matter how strong storms are devastating us inside. We should not let the volcano burst out but burn ourselves only. We should know to shut up when it is high time. We should listen, digest and keep our lips sealed.

Sometimes we should regret and learn to live with these regrets as there is no escape from them but other times we should forget, forget things, forget people. And sometimes we should remember the best moments within the worst experiences in life.

Sometimes we should write to make the memories engraved on something concrete so that they cannot leave us and fly away.

Sometimes we should lie to protect beloved ones, to show them a better way with the light of a simple, innocent lie.

And sometimes we should just smile for no reason and let the others smile too…

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