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I had given up watching Brad Pitt movies after having a glimpse of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, however on the kind advice of a friend the movie turned out to be my Sunday film session. I was not much hopeful about it as i always think Brad Pitt movies are just kind of show off with his baby face and manly perfect body rather than his acting but well i should confess i was wrong this time. He was just brilliant exceeding his limits as for his role.

The storyline was quite interesting and odd at the same time, catching the attention of the audience in the very minute the movie starts. And then you feel reluctant even to blink or breathe not to skip or miss any part of it as the movie gets its power from the details of life lying in front of us but unseen by most of us while experiencing.

During the celebrations of ending the World War I, a baby is born causing his mother to die and letting his father almost to lose his mind due to his appearance as he is born old. His father leaves him on the door of a house where the old people are taken care of. There a woman finds him and decides to grow him up as far as his fate and life span lets her do.

From this point onward, this unnatural baby starts to experience the life from the reverse. He lives everything, he experiences being old, he sees many deaths, he loses his beloved ones, he falls in love, he becomes a father, he experiences war, he discovers the passion, he has to make some serious sacrifices and dies in the arms of his life long wife but all occurs following an upside down order.

The movie gives really important messages like during our lives we can make mistakes, we can go on our life with a pocket of regrets, we can disappoint people time to time, we can hurt or get hurt, but at some point it is important to re-gain the power to live it just from the beginning, not letting yourself go deeper on each failiure. Additionally, it is not important how long you live or what you do during your whole life, instead one should consider how he lives/does things within the limited time period given to us and shaped by some unseen hands called “Fate”.

Now after digesting this beautiful movie, i should re-consider my life i believe, i should learn to look at it from a different perspective so that may be i can see the things i missed to see before.

I can start re-appreciating Brad Pitt and taking his roles serious now on and rating this brilliant movie as 5/5 🙂


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