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issiz-adam-film-afisiIf you already realize from my movie reviews, i am not much into Turkish movies although i live in Turkey and unfortunately i don’t have any reason for that…However, today on the recommendation of my friends i decided to see Issız Adam (Alone) and frankly speaking, i am really impressed by the movie…

Alper is a single man living alone in istanbul. He has a restaurant and the dishes he cooks are admired by the customers. From outside he seems to have a decent life but when looked inside he can be said that he consumed everything in life despite his young age. He has different kind of relations in his life except a love affair…

Ada is a single girl living alone in İstanbul. She earns her life by making special costumes for kids. She likes reading a lot. And she seems to be disappointed by guys in her past very bitterly.

One day they meet in a bookstore. After one look of one another, the chain of events take a start and speed.

The movie proves that the fate plays a big role in our lives. Moreover, love requires some patience, some courage, some resistance to fate. Wherever the life takes you to, true love never migrates from your heart….

P.S. Some friends complain that i don’t rate the movies….Let me say the movie was perfect so i give 5/5:)

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