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twilight-movie-posterAfter drinking the Twilight book like a glass of  wine feeling its taste taking a seat on my tongue slowly, i was so impatient to see its movie as well….While reading i had already created the heros and heroines or the villains in my mind already but it would be another experience to see how were they in someone else’s mind….And the result was not bad at all…Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson ) was as sparkling as i had imagined and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) was as dull as i had assigned to her…(Well no harm in discrediting Bella, right? ok ok she was as good as Edward…i will think like a professional now putting my feelings aside:P)

The plot was so stick to the book…the sequence of the events were almost in order of the book again…the dialogues were more or less still meeting each other both in book and the movie…Best thing while watching a movie is that your mind does not have to do anything like imagining…everything is submitted just in front of your eyes all hard and concrete…but unfortunately you cannot find the minor details in the movie, which are quite important in some cases…I like details in life and i like imagining things/daydreaming hence i prefer the book itself, however the movie worths watching for sure…

I do not want to  summarize the movie as i have given you the topic and basic lines in the my book review already. All i can add is that when the dialogues spoken by such a good-looking vampire, it is hard to be scared of the concept of vampires:D

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