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506131the-duchess-posters1It has been more than a week now since i watched this movie but for one reason or another i always skipped to review it although i loved the movie itself.  Its leading role is shared by Keire Knightley and Ralp Fiennes. The Duchess is mainly a “costume drama” which means it focuses on a certain time period in past, which was 18th century in this movie.

It starts with the appearance of a simple young lady named Georgiana who is soon to marry the Duke of Devonshire and so to become the Duchess. She seems quite excited about it and have many expectations both over her husband and her new title as well. However soon after the marriage she seems disappointed by his husband as he is not interested in her at all. All he cares is his wish to have a baby boy as his heir and his much-loved and cared dogs which are on the screen all throughout the movie.

After a few trials they have a baby daughter which bothers the duke quite much. Now he was more rude and much more away from her. In the meanwhile she totally realizes that the duke does not love his wife at all and she comes to know he has another daughter from another woman. The duke’s affairs or one-night stands with others were hidden beforehand but as the time passes he starts to be less cautious.

From outside they look like a nice couple appearing in parties and meetings. The Duchess starts to gain popularity day by day which paves the way for new friends from the aristocrat environment and after a bit one of her new friends becomes the mistress of the duke. Now the duchess finds herself into a marriage composing of three people. With the addition of the duchess’ secret lover, things starts to get much more complicated.

As i mentioned earlier i liked the movie. The roles were well-suited into the cast. The costumes of the women (which were quite exaggerated and well-detailed since the costume item was also processed within the movie and it was shown as a medium of expression for women as they have more limited area to express themselves openly comparing to men) were awesome. Most of the scenes were quite influencing and i believe it was rendering the right and complete feelings to the audience.

What else can i add?! Just watch it!



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