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Happy New Year!!!

1st of January 2009…We left a whole year just behind and started to experience a new 365-day…For me 2008 was full of both sweet and bitter incidences as these cannot be separated within one’s life…About my resolutions regarding 2009, i do not want to count some numerous hastily taken decisions which are mostly unrealistic or hard to realize…i would rather concentrate on two things this year, which are 1) to take a better care of my health 2) to look at the whole world from a more positive window (to be more optimistic towards the events/persons)…These resolutions are only related to me, as for the ones regarding my beloved ones, they are just countless:) Anyways, in short i wish everyone a happy and a healty new year!!!

I spent the new year night at home with my husband. We had the dinner i cooked which you can see below:Pdsc01559

Then we watched some TV programmes celebrating the New Year, afterwards we made some long phonecalls with our parents, relatives and friends…I mean i had a decent, calm and a nice night:)

Well, today (first day of the new year) was also joyful for me…I woke up very late and welcomed by a tasty breakfast…then went to a shopping mall and passed some time, then went to Starbucks and had some cake with latte, and then i went for a movie (The Day The Earth Stood Still)…All in all i had great time!

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