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Book Club…


I forgat to share a lovely news with you. I just joined in (indeed established) a book club last week. We are less in number for now (just 4 people) but we hope to enlarge soon. The name of the book club is a bit funny (which intends to cheer us up), which is “Pseudo Jane Austen Book Club”…..
The basic motive behind this action is not to have deep and detailed intellectual or philosophical debates or discussions but to motivate or support us to read as more books as possible and to distract our attention from the workload we are going through at least to a certain extent.
All we have to do is to exchange the books we read before, to read the book given to us in a month (everyone will read a different book) and to share the topic and our opinions about the book and the writer.

This month i will read “The Book of General Ignorance” by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. Lets see how it will work! 🙂





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