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b00006adg001lzzzzzzzxl21Baran was my Sunday movie. The storyline of the movie is related to the Afghani workers who took shelter in Iran escaping from the caos in their own land.

It starts with an accident taking place at a building site. A man falls down from the 4th floor and broke his leg. Next day he sends his son-Rahmat- instead to work. He looks quite weak and young for this heavy work, but he is given a chance. Another worker at the site-Latif-helps him time to time, however, when Latif’s job (which is relatively a lighter job) is given to Rahmat, he gets annoyed and became an enemy. During all this time Rahmat keeps silent.

Soon after Latif finds out that Rahmat is not a guy but a girl with a name Baran. It is understood that she had to disguise herself in order to be able to get this job. Now the hostility shown by Latif turns into a love.

The rest of the movie depicts the bad conditions of Afghani people and Latif’s struggles to help his lover with the power of his pure, innocent heart…

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