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Welcome ME!

My vacation is over 😦 But i am back to my world of dreams:) I spent really nice days with my family, relatives and old friends who came together on one spot for one purpose (bilkul sis’ marriage)…Thanks to god everything went as planned (i do not count minor deficiencies which is the case almost in each wedding ceremonies)…I was with my sister on every step while she was getting prepared, while her hair was being done, while marriage pictures were taken…I saw many people whom i had not seen for ages…It was really crowded. The wedding hall was really chic and the choice of songs was also good. I danced the whole night without sitting even for a minute!

The next day after the occasion (as many of you can guess)  i was really exhausted, tired and even sick so i had to stay in bed for a day…But then (as many of you can guess again) i did shopping in my hometown. Additionally, I ate mom’s yummylicious food whole week (that was a bonus). I made some minor changes in me as well, such as i had my hair cut and dyed…(and almost everyone around me loved my new hairstyle!)

On the way back to my home, i thought i would certainly miss everyone and everything back there…Still i am happy to be in my routine…

However, today when i entered the office, the scene i came across was quite scaring…guess guess!!! Bunches of documents were waiting for me on my desk to be read, organized, planned,  signed, checked, etc. As it is almost the end of year, work is getting busier day by day…

Unfortunately i am not able to share the wedding pictures here but i want to show you the little angel i caught the “click” of whom during the occasion:)


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