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Happy to Receive Gifts!

Yay! i got some new year gifts today by one of my colleagues Jasmin…she proved to know my taste quite well as usual…When i opened the bag i received, i first came across with this little angel…How cute and sweet she is, isnt she? 🙂


Then at the bottom of the bag i reached a ‘best wishes’ card written by her…Then i opened the main box and saw that she had got one of my favourite journals and a lovely card-letter set as below…


I just lovedddddd them so much!!! I still do not know what to write in this journal as it is so precious for me…and i better think to which friends i will send these nice cards:)

Okay, i take this opportunity to thank Jasmin for these amazing new year gifts:)

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 Jin still loves and deeply misses his ex-girlfriend and quench his thirst in his dreams…Ran, on the other hand,  hates her ex-boyfriend but still has to bear the results of Jin’s dreams…While one is dreaming lovinly and innocently thinking that dreaming is the only medium to reach his love, the other realizes his dreams in an unexpected and unwanted way…Only way for them to stop this interaction is to love each other or to end the sleeping process which means death!

This extraordinary and fantastic movie tells about two people, their love life and the way they affect each other. After watching the movie i am sure you will want to sleep at least 24 hours non-stop:)


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Book Club…


I forgat to share a lovely news with you. I just joined in (indeed established) a book club last week. We are less in number for now (just 4 people) but we hope to enlarge soon. The name of the book club is a bit funny (which intends to cheer us up), which is “Pseudo Jane Austen Book Club”…..
The basic motive behind this action is not to have deep and detailed intellectual or philosophical debates or discussions but to motivate or support us to read as more books as possible and to distract our attention from the workload we are going through at least to a certain extent.
All we have to do is to exchange the books we read before, to read the book given to us in a month (everyone will read a different book) and to share the topic and our opinions about the book and the writer.

This month i will read “The Book of General Ignorance” by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. Lets see how it will work! 🙂





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New Year Shopping

christmasgiftSooooooo tireddddd but sooooooo happy i am…because today i completed the shopping thing for new year (at least partially as for me there is no end for shopping:) )

I was busy and upset in the morning as i have gone through some health problems; but after getting good news from my doctor, i turned into a happy and  a crazy shopping bug 😛

First i went to movie store and i got new year gifts for myself, which are 4 movie DVDs: 1) The Color of Paradise by Majid Majidi, 2) Taste of Cherry by Abbas Kiarostami, 3) Dream by Kim Ki-Duk, 4) The Duchess by Saul Dibb and i am so impatient to watch them (i guess i will pick up one to see just after completing this post!). Last week i had seen Baran by Majid Majidi and i had really apreciated the movie so i started to chase the movies by the same director. I noticed i am quite fond of watching Iranian films these days (but of course my priority is always Bollywood.)

After buying the DVDs, i gave a break and sat down at Starbucks giving some peace to my feet, drinking some black tea and eating a cute and tasty brownie…

Then i was on mission to buy a new year gift for a colleague, i visited many shops and it was quite hard for me to decide what to buy beause the shops were full of lovely and amazing stuff and once you are lost among the charm and the color of the gifts, it is really difficut to select just one and leave the rest behind. However, with the support of my husband, i achieved to choose one but unfortunately i am not able to name the gift as my colleagues follow my blog…..sssshhhhhh:)

Then i got a perfume for my husband (but i will not mention the brandname:P )

This post sounds like an intro to the main new year post which i am sure will be full of new year resolutions…hehe…now i am off to see a movie (with a cup of hot chochlate!!! 🙂

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rab-ne-bana-de-jodi41I had already told you how impatient i was about the new movie of Shah Rukh…and after watching it once more i proved myself right about being so enthusiastic. Indeed, i was excited about seeing SRK on the screen once more rather than the movie itself or its storyline because even if SRK just stands still for hours i can watch him with eyes wide open 😛

This does not mean that i did not like the movie. On the contrary, i found it quite good, it is a nice timepass after a long office day especially. It turned my mood into positive just in a few minutes. It is about a love story again as when there is SRK, love is inescapable!!! An ordinary man…an energetic young girl…an unexpected marriage…an expected unilateral feelings at first…and a mutual deep love in the end!!!

The movie is decorated with lovely dance scenes by Shah Rukh and Anushka Sharma (the heroine). The musics such as Tuj mein Rab Dikhta Hai and Haule Haule were also fascinating.

In the movie each time while saying goodbye SRK was repeating the same dialogue (which i loved): “Hum hain rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte” 🙂 How meaningful especially when spoken by him!

In one of the song scenes, Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte, there were short appearences by well-known bollywood heroines such as Kajol, Rani, Pretty…That was a nice gesture as well…

All in all, if you are a bollywood fan, i highly recommend the movie not only because it is a SRK movie but also it is a good timepass…

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b00006adg001lzzzzzzzxl21Baran was my Sunday movie. The storyline of the movie is related to the Afghani workers who took shelter in Iran escaping from the caos in their own land.

It starts with an accident taking place at a building site. A man falls down from the 4th floor and broke his leg. Next day he sends his son-Rahmat- instead to work. He looks quite weak and young for this heavy work, but he is given a chance. Another worker at the site-Latif-helps him time to time, however, when Latif’s job (which is relatively a lighter job) is given to Rahmat, he gets annoyed and became an enemy. During all this time Rahmat keeps silent.

Soon after Latif finds out that Rahmat is not a guy but a girl with a name Baran. It is understood that she had to disguise herself in order to be able to get this job. Now the hostility shown by Latif turns into a love.

The rest of the movie depicts the bad conditions of Afghani people and Latif’s struggles to help his lover with the power of his pure, innocent heart…

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After completing the first 3 seasons of the TV serial LOST, i had given a long break before starting the season 4…then last night while thinking what to do lazily, it just came to my mind that the LOST people were still lost and i was the one to solve the mystery:) So once again i took a deep breath and made my sofa more comfortable before this thriller wrapped me for hours…

Needless to say i am a LOST fan, but it is necessary to mention that above all i am a huge fan of Sawyer (Josh Holloway)…He has a stubborn, naughty and even irritating personlity but deep inside he has such soft heart and above all he is dashingly handsome!!! People either love him or hate him…no gray areas for him….

If you want to have thrilling time with a group of lost people on a mysterious island struggling to survive and meanwhile (as a bonus) if you want an eye-candy (which is Sawyer :D), then get ready to be a member of the LOST world!!! 


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