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Broken English!

broken-englishSunday! Movie Day! Actually i love watching movies each day of my life but my Sundays are solely spared for it…So today’s movie was Broken English. I just loved the movie…it was not conveying any economical, political, philosophical etc etc contents but it was about love and that was enough for me!

There is a woman in her thirties (Nora). She has been quite unsuccessful in her relations with men. In most of the cases the story ends in bed, most of the men are too away from a contract/promise/eagerness towards a marriage and/or settled relation. They are mostly fond of one-night-stands or seeing any and many women whenever or wherever they feel like. In search of true love Nora meets a French hunk (Julien) and at the end she finds herself looking for him in the streets of Paris…

The movie tells us different languages/cultures may seem like obstacles in front of love but true love can speak any language!

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