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2806676942686d63337eaq5It is almost midnight! I still feel the taste of latte I drank a few minutes ago sitting in front of a bookstore, watching the colorful front covers of the books and thinking at the same time about the movie I’ve just seen–Un Giorno Perfetto (Eng. A Perfect Day/ Tr. Mükemmel Bir Gün).

A divorced couple in Italy. The husband is obsessed with his ex-wife, so going under a psychological treatment to get rid of this extreme love (obsession) but it does not look so possible. The wife is trying to forget her husband and strugling hard to stand on her own feet taking care of her two children as well. A small son of theirs is totally innocent and half-aware of what is going around him. A teenage daughter of the same family is aware of everything and trying to initiate reconciliation between her mom and dad. Generally looking, each member of an already dissolved family tries to re-gain and maintain its own particles (bits of life)!

This movie gave me another chance to appreciate Ferzan Ozpetek once more. HE again put his signature under such a nice movie. Till now I have seen 6 movies by Ferzan Ozpetek (Which are Le Fate Ignoranti, Hamam, Harem Suare, Saturno Contro, La Finestra di Fronte and Un Giorno Perfetto), and they always left me in a stuation where it is like drinking a milky coffee with a small bar of dark choclate…feeling the bitter truths of life, still finding gaps where you are able to smile!

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