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melbourne_weddings_guide_4I am so happy….yea soooo happyyy for my sister…She is getting married next month (insallah) so we are in the phase of preparation step at the moment. Finding the wedding hall, getting the bridegroom, setting up her house and furniture, getting and distributing the invitation cards and every other minute detail. She is too excited, so am i. That reminds me of my own wedding ceremony:) How passionately i had done shopping on every chance i found hehehehehe. Well now this wedding also gives me a chance to do shopping, how can i miss this opportunity?!!!!…..

I have to get a cool dress and a pair of shoes to go with the dress. And the accesorizes completing the combination. Some new make up stuff may be and the gifts for the sister….oohhhooo it seems i have a long way to go…i have to hurry up as i am a bit indecisive most of the time about what/which to buy….

I guess I will start this weekend rocking the shopping and will tell you about the result soon. Ehhh what are you waiting for, congratulate my sister and wish me some good luck….and keep your best wishes with both of us:P

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