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Office Desk!

What can be found on a normal office desk? Certainly a PC, agendas, documents, pens and other stationary stuff, dossiers and files, picture frames, bla bla bla….What about an office desk of a girl who is a bollywood fan? 😀 Well, let me tell you what is there exactly: a SRK & Rani photo taken at filmfare awards (they are both smiling at me softly), a Lata song lyrics posted on the left-hand-side of the desk wall (ajeeb dastaan hai yeh, kahaan shuruu kahan khatam la la la), a pair of bollywood style silver earrings decorated with red beads kept in a maroon velvet box, a small-sized Aishwarya Rai poster hidden in one of the plastic files, a note pad covering all the hindi-grammer notes, and a desktop with a picture of indian women in sarees…

Considering these items, some people think i m abnormal, others think i m interesting and extraordinary, i think i m normal as i keep motivating stuff close around me….or what do you think i m? 😀

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