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If you are my regular reader then you should have already noticed that i spare my Sundays for a movie…Today’s one was, as the title suggested, the most distant course

The movie of sounds i can say…It is mainly about three persons (personalities) whose lives are intersected in a way. A young woman who is living in a love triange being with a married man, a sound recorder who is left by his girl friend and trying to get her back via the sounds he records uniquely and specially for her (although none of them reaches the right person), and a psychologist, who can help everyone very efficiently except himself, going after a lost love…

Three different characters in three separate stories who have been unaware of themselves until gradually or suddenly they are connected due to one reason only –LOVE–, and making a single long story ! 

If you are fond of calmness, smoothness and inner-peace, then you should go for it as you will consider it quite extraordinary, interesting and way-out; on the other hand, if you are an impatient soul, beign happy with action and adventure, then it is probable that you would find it a bit long and boring…

As for me, it was a nice Sunday action!!!

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