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Quote of the Week!

sin1This week i want to share a short paragraph with you which i read in one of the Turkish literary magazines named “K”.  I am not able to remember the name of the writer but it is originally in Turkish so i will translate it into English for the ones who are interested.

“Günah nedir? Günah kimindir? Hindistan’da bir ineği, Arabistan’da domuzu yemek, Batı’da şarabı içmemek, İran’da sevişmek, Tayland’da sevişmemek…”

“What is a sin? To whom it belongs to? Eating a cow in India and a pig in Arabistan, not to drink wine in West, to make love in Iran and not to make love in Thailand…”

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dvd_shelf2Yeah, at last i found some chance to organize my DVD shelves. During the last weeks, i had bought plenty of movies and most of them i watched, still they were making a big pile on my study desk as i was quite lazy (and even busy) to find some place for them. But the more i watched, the bigger the pile turned into….so this friday i re-re-re-re-organized my shelves and i enjoyed it quite much as ever.

While creating some place for the new DVDs, i also revised the old movies i have; some made me smile while others gave me some kind of weird feelings due to their subject matter. Still it was fun! I love watching movies, i love archiving the movies i watched, i love organizing them again and again!!! Yeah, this is called PASSION!

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dsc014751 A successful yet to be more famous writer, a sister at the same time strictly bound to her family, an aunt quite eager to help and advice her niece regarding love yet hesitant not to mislead her, above all a WOMAN with senses and sensibilities!

In this movie Jane Austen is portrayed as a woman who is at the stage of gaining success and fame with her books, however she seems to fail when the subject is love. She acts quite flirty when looked from outside but inside there are still storms to come out despite her late age…And regrets appearing and disapperaing time to time shadowing the minds and even hearts…

Easy flowing movie decorated with breath-taking nature views, and at the same time ornamented by some bits from J. Austen’s books. Whenever i watch a movie which is adapted from her own books or which is based on her books/life or in any way related to her, I just cant help putting myself in her shoes and dreaming to write non-stop with a never-ending inspiration…

Inspirational days yet to come!

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At lastttttttt….at lastttt!!!!!!! i got the dress for my sister’s wedding. I had visited too many stores during the last week. And i spent my whole saturday on it as well, as i m too indecisive and confused when i see too many dresses in the same place. lol

Well, with a support of one of my friends. We picked up a satin-like long black dress…i find it quite nice and decent, my friends also liked it a lot…Ehh i m attaching its picture here and let me get your comments as well…

I dont feel my feet right now due to long-hour walks for this dress but i believe it worths!!!



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Yesterday after office I decided to bribe myself due the intense struggles i show at work (hehe). So i had dinner outside (it was really yummyy) and afterwards i went to book/dvd shop to provide myself with some eyecandies on the shelves. Actually this month i spent too much money on books and movies so i had to stop myself from purchasing anything but (a big but) i couldnt as usual!

First i checked movies and i immediately realiazed a movie for which i was waiting for long. A fantastic chinese movie named The Promise.


Then i kept scanning the shelves with my eyes until i came across with a different and interesting title, which was Cherry Crush.


After persuading myself that should have been enough regarding the movie section, i went to book section and checked the new publications. And i got one in Turkish named Latife Hanım’ın Kağıtları (Papers of Mrs. Latife), which is composed of the diaries and the letters belonging to the wife of founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I m really fond of reading such kind of documentary diaries….


Now next time who will stop me buying things??!! 😀

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Dear Diary – Day 2

imagesI cant tell how busy i have been lately…Time passes so quickly and each time i have to catch up with it…lets see what has happened lately…

1) I have been to hospitals so many times due to this and that minor reasons. I observed one thing. The more i hate hospitals, the more i have to visit them. Thanks to god, my health seems fine (at least for now).

2) As a matter of healthy life, i decided to cook and eat at home, especially the dinners. So after leaving office, i rush to home to cook. Well no need to say how tiring it is…and it is a torture to cook a dish while you are damn hungry!!!

3) Some good developments… i m about to finish the book (at last) i had started a month ago (Masumiyet Müzesi — Museum of Innocense)…Only 40 pages left. I know i should have finished it a bit earlier but couldnt find time 😦

4) At weekend, while i was checking the new movies, i came across the DVD on the shelf, which i have been looking for days (Before the Rains). (The review of which you can find in my previous post). That was a lovely day…as it makes me really happy:)

5) I went out for shopping at weekend as i have to buy the dress for the forthcoming wedding. I checked 1000000 of shops but couldnt find one. I mean there are many dresses but not in the way i want…now i have to check another 100000 of shops…wish me luck…

6) Office is too busy and it seems will be like that till the end of this year…and i believe new year will bring new sources for being happy:)

Dear Diary,

Thats all for today…Thank you for listening to me.. You are a good friend…hehehe



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A British spice planter in South India (Hengry Moores), who seems quite ambitious on business. Henry’s lovely indian housemaid (Sajani), who sacrifies her whole life and pride for the sake of love. And Henry’s right-hand indian man called T.K., who is torn between his ideals and the traditions of his village.

Hengry comes to india for the construction of a road which has to be completed before the Mansoons. And T.K., who is an idealistic man, helps him in every step he takes. However, things started to change in a negative way once Hengry and Sajani find themselves in the middle of a secret and illegal love both being married with someone else. They feel intoxicated and blinded by the passion and the lust flowing through their veins. Although T.K. is quite aware of the bitter due results by their cast, he is able to express these facts neither to Hengry nor Sajani.

In this movie we are face to face with a deep love story on the surface, and at the background, you can see different life stories which are composed of struggle, passion, ambition, innocence, success and failure. You can also come across with some realities of the world such as cast system which has all the rights to verdict on human lives.

Breath-taking indian nature being at the back, in a beautifully-decorated scene, a passionate but a sad love story! As it is said, passion has its own price…

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