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Attention: Karz

Dear All,,,,

If you come across with the movie Karz by any chance, just run away and try to save your soul before it gets dirty with this bullshit and nonsense junk movie. Himesh is such a catastophe that after watching the movie you want to kill yourself…lol

The soundtrack is also cheap and useless without any emotion…

Seriously, keep away from this time-waste!!!!

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Sleep Over?!

It was just yesterday I suddenly realized that “I am fond of sleeping”. Normally people say I am a vampire or an “ullu”…lol, or most of them think i am a zombie as I go to bed very late at night and wake up quite early to go to office.  However, most of the people do not know that i tend to sleep on each and every occasion like when i first come to office in the morning i put my head on my desk and sleep for a few minutes, or while i m having coffe at Starbucks i close my eyes until my friends disturb me or i curl and cuddle like a kitty on my soft and warm sofa before dinner, after dinner, during watch..or while chatting with my friends…

Now i am a bit confused…Do i sleep a lot or not?

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