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Back to The Future!

Do not let the title mislead you! It is not a review about one of my fav. movie series by Michael J. Fox…It has nothing to do with any intellectual or show business; on the contrary, it is all about me..lol

More clearly, after a 9-day eid holiday, i am back to the office. Well, i have been involved in all the routine tasks since morning. Checked mails, made my schedule, made the urgent phone calls, revised the meeting times, etc…

Hmmm i should confess that it is slightly bitter to be here (i feel as if i am kidnapped by some strangers lol) but in general i cant deny i love being at my office…my computer, my stationary stuff, my ever-present tea on my desk, my bollywood-decorated desktop, everything and anything…i missed them all:D

So welcome me!!!

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