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Three… Extremes  is a 2004 international Asian horror film collaboration consisting of three segments by three directors from three countries” says the Wikipedia. The names of these segments are: Dumblings directed by Fruit Chan, Cut by Park Chan-wook, Box by Takashi Miike (from Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan in turn).

In the first part (Dumblings), it tells us mainly about a woman, who is an old actress, dealing with the fear of getting old, and shows us what one can do when she/he is face to face with an old age, with the sentence of being all alone, fear of loss of his/her beloved ones…

In the second part (Cut), we come across with a highly esteemed and successful director with a happy marriage. However, his whole life changes and the truths cannot be hidden any further with a forced existance of a simple man in his life…

In the third and the last part, we hear about the regretful story of a woman, who killed her sister when she was a child not on purpose but with the force of stressed condtions, and during the movie we observe about her psychology, her state-of-being, her great regret and feeling of guilt….

In all of these short movies, there is the factor of violance to a large extent, some moments giving tensions, certain blurred or complicated feelings rendered to the audience, and so during the watch  it is quite difficult to blink for even a second!

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