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The Name of Being Perfect!

 Ahem ahem…

What do you say about this perfect look??!!

Cool haina?!

i wll keep my thoughts about SRK for another post (as it wll take a few pages lol), this one s just to share this pic as he looks really nice…

After all he is the inpiration for my blog title so i should insert a few of him here and there…scattered pieces will be summoned up soon!

Ok i dont wana sound like teenage gal here telling about a love for an actor…lol…I just love his acting and his philosophy of life! Samja?! LOL

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Monday Mornings!

If a you are a friend of mine or if you know me by any chance, you must know that i hate monday mornings; if you havent heard it till now, then listen to me carefully now….I HATE MONDAY MORNINGS!

Reasons vary…i mean countless…

Initially, it is like a torture to wake up like 6 am or 6:30 am while i am in the middle of the my best dreams with shahruk khan (LOL) with the sound of a head-breaking/mind-blowing alarm.  I find it so difficult to open my eyes and meet a new day; i never find enough energy to do that on mondays…the bed seems warmer and more charming than before…attracting me more and more under the softyy quilty myhead dipping more into my yummyy pillow…

Ok, no matter what, lets assume i achieve to wake up in a way, next step is to find what to wear for the office with half sleepy mind…jeans? no way it is monday, a random t-shirt? no way i have a meeting, skirt? no way it is cold outside, pants? mm did i iron tht one? blahh blahh blahhhh….(thats y i started to prepare my clothes on the previous night as of this week..hehe)…

Okkk, lets assume i arranged the clothes, next problem is i don’t want to go outside:( i m one of those fortunate people who have the chance to go to office by walk! yep i dnt need to use bus, train or underground, i just walk to the plaza as it is nearby (actually it is a new thing as i moved into a new flat a few months ago)…however i feel too lazyyyy to go to office on mondays…

Anyways assume that i reach office, next question is my breakfast. What should i eat?! i hate eating at the very early mornings but if i miss the breakfast tht mean i wnt be able to eat till lunch..so i usually order breakfast, play with it for like 20 minutes, eat just half of it…i eat really less on monday morningsss….

Next step…monday morning meetings which start at 9:30 am…to be honest sometimes i catch myself while imagining about my weekend instead of concentrating on the agenda….i think about how good the movie was i saw on saturday, i feel excited about the new book i bought on sunday (Jane Austen – Sense and Sensibility)….tht y i drink tea teaaa teaaaaa during the meeting which lasts for like 2 and a half hour.

Then lunch…yummy food with a can of chilling coke…tht means i am wake now…

Simply and once again i hate monday mornings.

And do you wonder at which step i m now??? well it is stll 9:27 am but good news no meeting today:D

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