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Safar-e Ghandehar

It is one of my favourite timepass to visit the huge book&DVD shop just near to my office…so most of the time after leaving the office, i just go and check some books and movies…Lately i saw this movie DVD (Safar-e Ghandehar), i took it from the shelf, i examined its cover, i read the exerpt and i placed it back on the shelf at least ten times. However, for a change, i purschased it at the weekend and watched it the very same day.

I dont know how to explain how striking the realities in the movie. Even some small, unimportant scenes brought tears to my eyes. It was a story of a hope owned by tired souls of Afghanistan. Devasted but hopeful hearts. It was different so i simply couldnt make up my mind what to or how to feel in various scenes.

In the movie, shortly an Afghan woman living in Canada is going back to Kandahar to save her sister who is at the threshold of committing a suicide. The woman is struggling with a dangerous journey, the bitter realieties she comes across in the middle of the road touch the audience’s hearts as well as hers. And the journey ends in an abrupt way leaving the audience with a riddle hard to solve despite many clues at hand!

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5 Vital Decisions of the Day

1) Don’t talk about it with anyone.

2) Don’t think about it at any time.

3) When it comes to your mind, just divert your attention to something else.

4) When you see/hear sth. related to it, just get rid of it.

5) Be strong and don’t deceive yourself.

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