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A simple day, a usual place. I am sitting at a quite familiar desk (my desk at office) again. My headphones are murmuring some soft Hindi melodies in my ear. I have the chance to catch some glimpse of the sky from the corner of the window. Although I can see just a limited part of it from this angle, I can complete its vastness using my imagination as usual.


I was just about to go deep into my daydreams when I was interrupted by a mail in my inbox (business mail). At some points reluctance arises although I am quite passionate about my job in general.


After replying the mail, I am back to the sky. Now it is shaded by gray cloud masses flowing slowly in their track. Just a small tree branch is trying to block my view but it is too tiny yet. May be next year I will be watching this tree instead of the clouds.


Female voice is getting stronger in my ear, as if singing the song for me feeling all the agony running in my veins.


Soon I will be concentrating on the project to be completed this week. But before that I just feel disturbed as if something is incomplete. Can it be the feeling of nothingness prevailing after you?


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