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Hi everyone,

it has been a while since i last posted…as i have been busy with the EID preparations….

and today is eid at last…i m getting eidi and eating candy whole day…LOL…so i wll be busy for a few days as well as i have guests:D

Do not forget to drop by and wish me a happy eid…=P

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Takeshi Kaneshiro born October 11, 1973, is a famous Asian actor of mixed heritage – his father is from Okinawa and his mother is from Taiwan says the Wikipedia.

After bolywood, a new passion in me arisen lately which is watching Japanese, Chinese or Korean movies with lots of fight/war scenes, striking use of swords, flying warriors, delicate princesses and deep love stories between the lines…

It was again one of these movies that paved the way for me to meet this hero. He is a brave warrior, he is a passionate lover, he is a decent personality, he is a strong commander,  and above all he can fly 🙂


Well till now what i observed is that he is a great actor!

Among his movies i saw:

The Battle of Red Cliff (2008)

The Warlords (2007)

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

Hero – The Legend (1997)

Do you want to get a new hero in your life?? Then why not him?! 🙂

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I, myself, read Shakespeare during my University studies but i have never felt he did affect me that much….

A movie based on a Shakespearean baseline….an aged theatre actor still stuck in his old good days…still feeling the stage under his feet and still memorizing each and every line he performed by Shakespeare…Although he spent years hearing the applauses of the audience, he left those applauses with a sudden decision…then a life-long regret!

One day a director hears about him and aims to shoot a movie, lead actor being this old man…At first everything seems exciting, inspiring and even thrilling but the movie within the movie ends with a tragedy….The rest tells about how the other people related to the old man copes with that tragedy and how he, himself, still continues acting with touching the hearts….

Amitabh Bachchan takes a different role in this movie regarding his previous works…his performance is amazing and quite influencing…although i do not like him much, i really watched this movie with eyes wide open and without giving any break till the end…

The Co-stars of the movie Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal are as successful as him. Each role absolutely completes one another….

During the movie, although it gives you some slow moments as the events proceed in quite a slow way with some flashbacks, the end of it leaves you with a sudden and accelarated blood rush without knowing how to feel…

to be or not to be ruined, tht is the question!!!

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The Name of Being Perfect!

 Ahem ahem…

What do you say about this perfect look??!!

Cool haina?!

i wll keep my thoughts about SRK for another post (as it wll take a few pages lol), this one s just to share this pic as he looks really nice…

After all he is the inpiration for my blog title so i should insert a few of him here and there…scattered pieces will be summoned up soon!

Ok i dont wana sound like teenage gal here telling about a love for an actor…lol…I just love his acting and his philosophy of life! Samja?! LOL

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Monday Mornings!

If a you are a friend of mine or if you know me by any chance, you must know that i hate monday mornings; if you havent heard it till now, then listen to me carefully now….I HATE MONDAY MORNINGS!

Reasons vary…i mean countless…

Initially, it is like a torture to wake up like 6 am or 6:30 am while i am in the middle of the my best dreams with shahruk khan (LOL) with the sound of a head-breaking/mind-blowing alarm.  I find it so difficult to open my eyes and meet a new day; i never find enough energy to do that on mondays…the bed seems warmer and more charming than before…attracting me more and more under the softyy quilty myhead dipping more into my yummyy pillow…

Ok, no matter what, lets assume i achieve to wake up in a way, next step is to find what to wear for the office with half sleepy mind…jeans? no way it is monday, a random t-shirt? no way i have a meeting, skirt? no way it is cold outside, pants? mm did i iron tht one? blahh blahh blahhhh….(thats y i started to prepare my clothes on the previous night as of this week..hehe)…

Okkk, lets assume i arranged the clothes, next problem is i don’t want to go outside:( i m one of those fortunate people who have the chance to go to office by walk! yep i dnt need to use bus, train or underground, i just walk to the plaza as it is nearby (actually it is a new thing as i moved into a new flat a few months ago)…however i feel too lazyyyy to go to office on mondays…

Anyways assume that i reach office, next question is my breakfast. What should i eat?! i hate eating at the very early mornings but if i miss the breakfast tht mean i wnt be able to eat till lunch..so i usually order breakfast, play with it for like 20 minutes, eat just half of it…i eat really less on monday morningsss….

Next step…monday morning meetings which start at 9:30 am…to be honest sometimes i catch myself while imagining about my weekend instead of concentrating on the agenda….i think about how good the movie was i saw on saturday, i feel excited about the new book i bought on sunday (Jane Austen – Sense and Sensibility)….tht y i drink tea teaaa teaaaaa during the meeting which lasts for like 2 and a half hour.

Then lunch…yummy food with a can of chilling coke…tht means i am wake now…

Simply and once again i hate monday mornings.

And do you wonder at which step i m now??? well it is stll 9:27 am but good news no meeting today:D

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Girl: Talk to me, please talk to me!

Boy: Silence

Girl: Say something, good or bad!

Boy: Silence

Girl: Damn it!

Boy: Silence

Girl: Don’t leave me!

Boy: Silence

Girl: Do you hear me?

Boy: Silence

Girl: I want you back!

Boy: Silence

Girl: What should I do?

Boy: Silence

Girl: Don’t make me crazy, say something!

Boy: I don’t love you!

Girl: Silence


Call disconnected.


A year later.


Boy: Hey!

Girl: Who is speaking?

Boy: Me, your stupid!

Girl: Sorry but who are you exactly?

Boy: Did not you recognize me?

Girl: Should I?

Boy: Come on!

Girl: Sorry, I don’t know you

Boy: Don’t act like that; you know me very well.

Girl: May be!

Boy: Uh! May be?

Girl: Yea…

Boy: Do you wonder why I called?

Girl: No

Boy: Hmmm…

Girl: Anyways, have a good day.

Boy: Hang on! I have something to say.

Girl: Then hurry up, I don’t have time.

Boy: I love you!

Girl: Silence

Boy: Talk to me, I love you so much.

Girl: I don’t love you.


Call disconnected.

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I just found out a video yesterday while making some searches about bollywood as usual… Tasveer Tere Dil Mein from the movie Maya (1961)…The song was sung by Lata and Rafi, my ever lasting favourite duet couple, however the striking thing for me was the actor and the actress who were making a playback of the song…The actor’s (Dev Anand) glance at the girl whom he loves, his romantic gestures trying to steal his lover’s heart, his warm and soft attitude were just awesome…The actress (Mala Sinha) was also calm, mild and was in love as well…

Well As I dnt know hindi or urdu I didnt get any idea wht the song was telling about but what i read in their eyes was real “love” …

For the ones who wana see the video, plz click the below link…



Mala Sinha

Dev Anand

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I was searching for a movie to distract me from real life for a while just last night. While scanning through the DVD shelf, I came across with The Jane Austen Book Club. I guess I had some kind of prejudice towards this movie, thinking that it was one of the chick flick movies revolving around Hollywood with simple love affairs or human relations; but I was mistaken.

The movie is based on Karen Joy Fowler’s novel telling us about the lives of six people living in California. Their lives were under focus via the characters in Jane Austen’s six books, i.e. Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Mansfield Park. While going through these characters and the eventful lives processed in her books, these six people were actually making an inventory about their own lives, relations, personalities, and even mistakes!


Favorite quote from the movie: “No rules, no fear!”



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I closed my eyes; you were with me,

I touched your face

With my fingertips,

Trying to feel every squire of yours.

I smelled you breathing deep and deep,

I kept looking at you at the same time

For hours, for days, for years,

Even for centuries…

You kept smiling at me,

Meanwhile I held your hand tightly

The fear of losing you had triumphed again

You just kept smiling at me;

Warm and familiar.

I closed my eyes; you were with me,

I did not want to open them

But you had disappeared already!



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Good Afternoon!

You Are an Afternoon Person
You can find energy any time of the day … or night!
You prefer to be out and about when most other people are.
Very early mornings or very late nights aren’t really your thing.
You’re practically solar powered, and the afternoon is when do best.


What about you???


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Quote of the Week

“Babu-ji ne kaha gaon chordo, sab ne kaha Paro ko chordo, Paro kehti hai sharab chordo, ab tum kehte ho ke is haveli chordo, ek din aayega voh kehega Duniya hi chordo.”

From Devdas

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What kind of a blogger are you?!

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious
You’re an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.
People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design – and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!


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Safar-e Ghandehar

It is one of my favourite timepass to visit the huge book&DVD shop just near to my office…so most of the time after leaving the office, i just go and check some books and movies…Lately i saw this movie DVD (Safar-e Ghandehar), i took it from the shelf, i examined its cover, i read the exerpt and i placed it back on the shelf at least ten times. However, for a change, i purschased it at the weekend and watched it the very same day.

I dont know how to explain how striking the realities in the movie. Even some small, unimportant scenes brought tears to my eyes. It was a story of a hope owned by tired souls of Afghanistan. Devasted but hopeful hearts. It was different so i simply couldnt make up my mind what to or how to feel in various scenes.

In the movie, shortly an Afghan woman living in Canada is going back to Kandahar to save her sister who is at the threshold of committing a suicide. The woman is struggling with a dangerous journey, the bitter realieties she comes across in the middle of the road touch the audience’s hearts as well as hers. And the journey ends in an abrupt way leaving the audience with a riddle hard to solve despite many clues at hand!

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5 Vital Decisions of the Day

1) Don’t talk about it with anyone.

2) Don’t think about it at any time.

3) When it comes to your mind, just divert your attention to something else.

4) When you see/hear sth. related to it, just get rid of it.

5) Be strong and don’t deceive yourself.

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A South Korean movie which processes the romanticism in a different yet attractive way. It is about many minute things related to life but the emphasis is on love. The main characters stick to each other with a strong bond although they do not know each other and they never spoken a word to one another. They just keep their silence and speak with their eyes and gestures. It was like a proof to the sentence “Silence speaks better than words most of the time.” 


The movie is also decorated with a nice song at the background named Gafsa by Natacha Atlas. Additionally the movie is known for the awards won in the several parts of the world.


 I had a good time and I passionately recommend to those who haven’t seen it yet…

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